Five reasons to pursue a career in Emergency Medical Services

Since the onset of the pandemic, the healthcare system has been under extreme pressure, and workers overworked. In battling the pandemic, frontline workers such as healthcare workers and paramedics have played a critical role.

However, due to the novel nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, it took governments and concerned authorities a long time to design and share preventative measures for frontline workers and the general public. This led to many Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers getting infected with COVID-19, resulting in a high turnover rate in the EMS industry.

Consequently, there is a dire need for trained professionals in emergency medical services at the moment, specifically those with proper EMS education. This article will discuss five reasons why one should step into Emergency Medical Services and what benefits a career in EMS has in store for you.

Form the Pillar of the Medical Community

By joining emergency medical services, you have the opportunity to become a central pillar of your community and public health. Almost all medical facilities require an ems team and form the first response to our community’s urgent medical problems.

Form the Pillar of the Medical Community

Once you join EMS, you have the opportunity to have a rewarding career in the industry. Paramedics are highly-valued, especially those with adequate ems training and experience. Experienced paramedics are held on to their employers for their expertise as they are a treasured resource for leading, training, and guiding new paramedic teams.

In addition, veteran paramedics garner the respect of their peers, the medical community, and the public for their years of service.

High Number of Job Opportunities

Individuals with EMS education and EMS training are well-equipped to deal with the burgeoning requirements of offsetting pandemics such as COVID-19 and other public health crises. The healthcare industry has lost many paramedic workers due to infections, deaths, and burnouts in the last two years.

High Number of Job Opportunities

However, with mass vaccinations and increased public awareness, it is now safer for paramedics to work. As a result, there are a lot of vacancies for paramedics with ems training now across the public health industry, especially hospitals.

Serving the Community

EMS training and jobs will be a promising avenue for you to serve the community. By being on the frontline, you are always there first to help out people in need in their most dire times. Paramedics trained in performing cardiovascular, pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), bandaging wounds, and basic emergency procedures.

Paramedics are tasked with ensuring the patient is stable on-site and is safely transported to a healthcare facility. People in the community place a great deal of trust and reliance on professionals that practice emergency medical services.

Serving the Community

EMS teams are on standby 24/7; hence, they are available whenever you need them. They will do their best to reach and treat you immediately. Excellent and experienced paramedics project confidence and a sense of calm in critical situations.

Paramedics report having a great sense of fulfillment from their jobs. Working in EMS demanded a great deal of courage in the last two years due to the uncertainty around the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. Hence, they felt they were doing God’s work by being out in the field during lockdowns and trying to help people keep their loved ones alive.

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Short Training Time

Another reason which makes emergency medical services an enticing choice is the short period of training and certification which usually takes a year. As part of your training, you will learn patient assessment, including assessing any life-threatening illnesses or injuries present.

The training also includes administering life-saving medication and CPR to stabilize a patient. The short training time with minimal requirements for educational qualification makes it easy for you to initiate a career as an EMS professional.

Short Training Time

If you have a job and are looking to switch careers, you can start your training and accreditation process on the side. Most one-year training accommodates working individuals’ schedules and allows them to undertake the training with their existing work schedule.

Furthermore, once you join as an emergency medical professional, you will also undergo some on-the-job training with your peers to further enhance your skills and knowledge.

The training will include administering a broad spectrum of medications, giving intra-venous injectables, and providing emergency care. Both sets of training include patient care and patient management.

Continuous Learning

One of the enticing reasons for pursuing a career in emergency medical services is the continuous learning that it offers. Each situation you will be called into as a paramedic will be unique and require you to assess the situation and act accordingly.

Continuous Learning

Paramedics are continuously learning on the job. The plethora of experience you gather as an emergency medical technician or a paramedic opens up future career pathways. Based on your training and experience, you can expand your horizons by pursuing a career in management of EMS,  nursing, or firefighting.

You can also follow other career pathways based on emergency-response settings, as the field is vast and has endless options.

Final Thoughts

Pursuing a career in emergency medical services can be highly rewarding personally, socially, and professionally. Considering the global healthcare crisis now would be the best time to break into EMS, enjoy a fruitful career, and make a global impact.

As an emergency medical technician or a paramedic, you are on the frontline for all kinds of medical problems. You hence form the pillar of the medical community. There are many job opportunities available as hospitals have many vacancies for EMS professionals.

A job as a first-responder allows you to serve your local and global community at large. The training period for EMS professionals is relatively short, and you can get certified within a year. This training would include basic medical training and emergency response.

Once you’ve joined EMS, there is potential for constant and continuous learning while you are on the job. If you put in the time, you will highly valued, not just in your field but across the entire spectrum of medical response units!