Can Online Therapy Help Improve Your Relationships?

Every situation in life is temporary, but it can have permanent effects. Life is full of challenges and opportunities and therefore as individuals and partners, we need to know how we can make the most of the options we have. Often, we find ourselves in a situation that seems like it will never end.

However, that is nothing more than a perspective. Making a marriage work requires constant effort, dedication, communication, and mutual trust among other things. With the help of online therapy, couples today can find help via professional counselors that would help them to resolve various mental and emotional issues.

Like traditional counseling sessions, online therapy also happens in real-time via instant messaging apps, emails, mobile apps, text-based chats, and video conferencing. Various some therapy platforms offer marriage counseling services online that cover topics like infidelity, issues related to sex and intimacy, improving communication skills, and renewing trust and commitment.

In certain sessions, both you and your partner would work together on various online activities that would help you work with your partner and solve relationship issues. These activities are designed to improve communication skills and build trust and empathy.

Although, many couples believe that they don’t need online therapy and marriage counseling the fact is that online therapy can have many benefits.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of online therapy.

Unbiased Advice

Most couples prefer to ask for advice from their parents and relatives when they are going through a rough patch, or when they need any marriage-related advice. While this is certainly not a bad idea, the fact is that those recommendations and bits of advice are biased because your parents and relatives put you first before your partner.

Unbiased Advice

With online therapy, you can seek advice from professional counselors that provide you with unbiased advice without judging you offering you a fair solution.

Vent It Out

Miscommunication or no communication can often lead to a strain in a relationship. Often couples prefer to sweep the situation under the carpet which makes it even worse. With online therapy, couples have the opportunity to confront the issue head-on and talk about what they feel and how they feel about the issue.

Being Transparent

Online therapy sessions aren’t just about speaking out your mind and heart but also about being transparent. Partners can use this as a platform to be transparent about certain issues that are hurting their mental and emotional health.

Being Transparent

Also, the professional counselor doesn’t judge you and can provide you with an outsider perspective to resolve the issue.

Taking Responsibility

Individual egos can often blind us from seeing the bigger picture. With the help of these online therapy sessions, you can see the bigger picture and take responsibility for your actions. When a couple knows how a certain situation has led to a strain in the relationship, they both can take responsibility and work mutually to resolve it.

Change in Perspective

Often couples feel that they are stuck in a situation because they feel that they cannot resolve a certain issue. Online counselors today can understand what both partners feel and want and offer them a new perspective to help them overcome their situation and resolve differences differently.

Change in Perspective

A more flexible approach to therapy

Using an online therapy site, it’s much easier to find the treatment mode which is best suited for your particular situation. For example – you can change your counselor at a click of a button. One more useful feature is the ability to alternate between group sessions and 1-on-1 meetings with psychologists very easily.

A more flexible approach to therapy

However, compared to traditional marriage counseling, online therapy has certain limitations as well.

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Frequent Interruptions

Since the session is happening online you might have frequent interruptions which might break the flow of the session. In a traditional counseling session, the conversations happen behind closed doors and therefore you can have an uninterrupted session.

Lack of Human Connect

While you and your partner are connected online to a professional counselor you still might not experience the same connection as compared to when the counselor is present in the same room. With this, you might hesitate to speak out what you want and that can lead to a lack of communication.

Technology and Internet Issues

When you are in an online therapy session, things can go wrong because of poor internet connectivity and various other technical issues. This can break the flow of the session and you might not have the mood to continue further.

Technology and Internet Issues

Lack of Privacy

Not all couples have the luxury of staying completely by themselves. Various couples want to have online therapy sessions but they cannot because they have kids and other family members around that would listen to their counseling conversations.

If you are interested in online therapy for couples or marriage counseling you can look for various online platforms and free apps that would offer you the best services.

Here are the top 3 online therapy app recommendations:

ReGain Counseling

If you are interested in online counseling, ReGain Counseling is a great online platform that can help you with relationship and marriage therapy.

The good thing about this online platform is that it is completely secure and private and therefore you can ensure that your chats and conversations stay private.

They have expert counselors and licensed therapists that can help you with relationship counseling. The platform is accessible through desktop, tablet and phone. You and your partner can sign up to the same account and access the same counselor. You can either use their website or app to do the same.

You have the option to text message your counselor in a virtual room, or do video conferencing and phone calls. ReGain Counseling can help you with resolving intimacy issues, parenting conflicts, dating issues, break-up recovery, setting expectations, and improving communication skills.


Talkspace is among the first companies that started online therapy services for couples. It is an online text and video chat therapy platform with access to more professional counselors and therapists. You can either use their easy to use website or app to sign up and connect with the counselors.

Talkspace has licensed and experienced therapists that can help you keep things private and talk about various relationship issues. It is HIPAA compliant and has a strict privacy policy to keep your conversations safe.


If you are looking for a free couple counseling app, Lasting can provide you with the best help you need. The app focuses on nurturing your emotional connection with your partner and focus on repairing your relationship. Users get access to the Foundation series sessions that cover topics that are basics for a healthy relationship.

You can also have access to single sessions for free. The app also provides premium services which unlock premium content and information on healthy relationships and marriage counseling.