How Both Your Body and Mind Can Change as a Result of Addiction

Addiction is usually caused by drug or substance abuse. The condition is complex and could significantly affect a person’s body and mind. Addiction is also a disease, and like any other disease, it can be caused by a combination of factors like behavioral, psychological, environmental, and biological. Understanding the impact of addiction will help better support those who are affected by it. Read on to find out more about how a person’s mind and body can change as a result of addiction.

Negative Feedback Loop

It is easy for those who have never abused drugs to wonder why people with a substance use disorder would choose to live such a lifestyle. However, they need to understand that when someone gets addicted to alcohol or drugs, they feel happy when they use them. In some cases, this happens because the person with a substance use disorder has deeper issues they are struggling with, and they use the drugs as a way of escaping reality. When substance abusers sobber up, the feeling of comfort is replaced with shame and guilt, which forces them to go back to using substances.

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Some people with addiction think they can kick the habit independently, but this approach rarely works. Substance users should consult professionals who understand how to manage the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal or any other drugs or substances they are addicted to. At times, people with a substance use disorder might need a holistic treatment that encompasses both medical and therapeutic interventions to get out of the negative loop and beat the habit.

Rewires the Brain

The brain’s reward system is activated by rewarding or reinforcing stimuli. Since substances are stimuli, the user’s brain responds by increasing the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of motivation and pleasure. Therefore, the use of substances rewires the brain chemistry, altering how a person perceives pleasure and reward. This can make it harder to experience joy in everyday activities and can fuel the cycle of addiction. That is why those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction have a shift in priorities. The chemical compounds in illicit drugs rewire brain chemistry and encourage drug use. This makes it hard for addicted persons to quit without external intervention.

Causes Health Issues

The use of substances can cause a range of adverse changes in the body, like serious health problems. Prolonged intake of either alcohol or drugs could harm the liver and kidneys. In some cases, it could also lead to cardiovascular issues, which could lead to heart damage and death. Substance abuse is also known to cause chronic diseases that require long-term treatment and continued recovery support. It is also crucial to understand that addiction can weaken the immune system, making people with an addiction vulnerable to diseases.

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Addiction is a severe condition that leads to dependency on drugs, emotional struggles, behavioral changes, and severe health issues. While it all starts as a fun escape, some people who find themselves entangled in this web usually try to find a way to escape it. Although overcoming addiction is not easy, one person’s journey is not the same as another’s. Substance users should seek treatment to overcome withdrawal symptoms and reverse the effect of drug and substance on the body and mind. Therefore, people with addiction should visit the leading treatment center with reliable addiction recovery professionals.