Psychiatrists Vs. Therapists: Where Should You Seek the Help, You Need?

In this digital era, everyone strives to live the best version of their lives. They try their best to eat right, get sufficient sleep, work out regularly, and take care of their physical health. Additionally, people are no longer shy about seeking necessary mental health treatment. However, the mental health field has different professionals who focus on various aspects of mental health. This makes it hard for mental health patients to decide the type of expert they should visit, and they are often torn between booking an appointment with a psychiatrist or therapist. This article aims to enlighten mental health patients in such a dilemma.

What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

Some mental health conditions require patients to take prescription medication. The medications help to reduce the mental health symptoms, treat the condition, or prevent relapse. However, not all mental health experts have the qualifications to prescribe medication. That can only be done by licensed psychiatrists. For example, this reputable psychiatrist dallas works like a physician but mainly specializes in medicine that deals with the brain. They also examine their patients to determine how their physical condition affects their brains.

When to See a Psychiatrist?

After understanding what a psychiatrist does, a common question most people have is when they should book an appointment with this expert. Patients who choose to seek mental health assistance from a psychiatrist should be ready to take medication. These experts examine patients’ mental health and prescribe the best medication they can use to improve their condition. Mental health patients should also seek the expertise of a psychiatrist if they notice they have moderate to severe symptoms that interfere with their daily functions. For instance, they may have difficulty getting out of bed and missing school or work, or they may not have the energy to maintain basic hygiene.

What Do Therapists Do?

Mental health patients assume that some professionals are trained to be therapists. Therapist is a broad term that includes a variety of professionals like social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and counselors. They are trained and licensed to offer talk therapy and cannot prescribe medication. These experts rely on talk therapy to help patients reduce symptoms, identify negative patterns, and guide them to change unhealthy behaviors.

When to See a Therapist?

Mental health patients with trauma seeking to understand and manage their feelings and those with relationship issues are suitable candidates for therapy. This is an excellent option for those overwhelmed with emotion because of something that happened in their lives, such as death, abuse, or loss. Those who book an appointment with a therapist should be ready to discuss their issues and work through them in one-on-one sessions. The sessions might require the patient to revisit some of the trauma from their past, which can be painful. But talking and learning ways to handle the painful past is vital to their mental health and well-being. The benefit of seeking help from a therapist is that they are trained on how much they can push without going overboard.

The decision on whether to book an appointment with a psychiatrist or therapist depends on the patient’s condition. In fact, in extreme cases, mental health patients might have to work with both experts. Patients should seek to understand their condition and needs so they can make the right decision.