7 Reasons To Make You Get Barefoot Massage Today

The benefits of massage on introducing balance to the mind, body, and soul are undoubtable especially when applied by a professional Columbus therapist.

There are various massage techniques with different benefits. Ashiatsu barefoot massage is more appropriate for adding pressure and compression with myofascial stretching.

This massage technique has various healing benefits as you are about to discover below.

Application of Ashiatsu massage

Application of this massage is different from regular deep tissue massage. Back-walk requires the therapist to use their bare feet instead of using hands to massage clients.

The therapist uses overhead bars to gain balance when applying this massage. Alternatively, the massage therapist might use portable Ashiatsu bars to gain balance on the floor.

Deep tissue cream is applied to allow the therapist’s foot to slide all over your body contours. Application of long and short strokes goes deeper to give you relief.

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Benefits of barefoot massage

Lessens chronic pain

Barefoot massage involves deep tissue compresses. Deep tissue massage is very effective in pain reduction through manipulating the soft tissue deeper layers to relieve muscle tension.

This is through loosening tight muscles and increasing circulation to eliminate inflammation with related pain.

Barefoot massage involves compressive strokes for loosening adhesions to release connective tissues.

These adhesions and connective tissue tightness are responsible for discomforts in the body.

Stress relief

When considering Columbus massage , a barefoot massage session will give you deeper relaxation.

This massage enhances nirvana and relieves stress. You are more likely to experience a whole new calmness since this massage lessens cortisol level.

This has a positive effect on your diastolic blood pressure. A low heart rate and cortisol level are very important for your overall health and wellness.

Better flexibility

Ashiatsu massage offers long gravity assisted strokes for broadening and lengthening muscle fibers.

This massage session encourages stretching muscles in separate directions for effective and efficient restoration of flexibility.

Additionally, conditions such as scar tissue and adhesions forming from past injuries, over-use injuries, and stress respond well to barefoot massage. It is effective at stretching the iliotibial band.

This is thick tissue from the lateral leg running from the hip to the knee. Ashiatsu massage therapy gives runners relief from lateral knee pain.

Eliminates residual soreness

Backwalk involves deep compression protecting blood vessels from breaking and lessening chances of bruising.

You won’t feel any pain compared to regular deep tissue massage. Ashiatsu massage has a soft but deeper application without the use of elbows and thumbs that might feel like sharp objects.

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This massage therapy lessens chances of superficial tissue damage, unlike regular deep tissue massage where the therapist’s hands and body might seem rough. Barefoot massage is comfortable for you and the therapist.

Longer lasting effect

Ashiatsu massage has a longer lasting effect on the body resulting from broad and compressive strokes compared to regular deep tissue massage.

You are likely to feel more relaxed for the whole day after a session. This results from the therapist’s combination of deep compressive strokes to promote blood circulation and lymphatic system.

The therapist’s broad compressive strokes over the whole body magnify the overall wellness.

Deepest possible deep tissue massage

Regular deep tissue massage involves the therapist using fists, thumbs, and elbows. This gives some people get discomfort and bruising.

Fortunately, Ashiatsu massage  requires the therapist to use only their feet that feel like giant hands while the heel seems like giant thumbs.

This is a more gentle alternative compared to using bony elbows.

A barefoot massage is a luxury version of deep tissue massage without worrying about pain and discomfort.

This therapy is ideal for sore muscle relief while giving the therapist to assess your body parts than need bodily treatment.

During the session, the professional massage therapist focuses their energy on that part of the body that requires optimal attention.

Managing sedentarity and obesity

There are high chances of living a more sedentary lifestyle today with many people opting to work from home.

A lifestyle involving more sitting with minimal movement combined with a diet filled with junk food encourages obesity.

Fortunately, backwalk massage  enhances elasticity leading to speeding up of metabolism promoting better and faster fat tissue digestion.

Therefore, when considering a weight loss program, Ashiatsu massage should top your to-do list.

Bonus: Who doesn’t qualify for Ashiatsu Massage?

Despite its invaluable benefits, it is important to understand whether you are qualified for this massage technique.

Certain things and health conditions might inhibit you from getting barefoot deep tissue massage including:    

  • Diabetes
  • Hemophilia
  • Hypertension
  • Bruises or hematomas
  • Broken bones or fractures    

In conclusion

Massage has significant benefits on overall health and general wellbeing. However, getting the most from your massage session requires choosing the most appropriate technique that will give you relief.

Ashiatsu massage is ideal for conditions including weight loss, stress, and chronic pain among other conditions.

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