6 Natural Remedies To Treat Flu At Home

Flu is also known as the common cold, which is caused by the virus influenza. When you have flu, your nose, lungs, ears, throat, and sometimes the lungs are affected. You can have a mild cough, sneezing, and a runny nose.

There is a vaccine for flu that you can get every year, but many individuals are scared of needles or just with the idea of a hospital, and so those individuals would like their flu to be treated naturally. They must not worry that I have a list of natural remedies that will help you with your flu. Some of those natural remedies are as follows:

Stay hydrated

Water is one of the essential parts of a human being’s life. Water can solve many issues and keep you looking fresh; when we have the flu, it is important to stay hydrated because that keeps our nose and throat moist.

The moisture helps the body get rid of whatever mucous that has been stored, but it is okay if you get bored from drinking water. There are many other liquids such as coconut water, fresh juice, soup, or broth that you can consume to feel good.

Take loads of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has many different health benefits that can help your body recover from the flu. It can be found in oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and many other fruits and vegetables. Adding lemon to your drink or tea will help reduce phlegm. The intake of Vitamin C will not cure your cold entirely, but it strengthens the immune system and helps in relieving infections.

Sleep with an extra pillow

Taking an extra pillow under your head may be uncomfortable for many individuals, especially the ones who have been sleeping with a single pillow, but keeping a pillow under your head will uplift your head, and that can bring some relief in your congested nasal passages. You may be able to sleep better and peacefully.

Getting a light massage on the shoulders can help relieve the pain you feel, if you are not a person who likes to be touched then you can buy a chair that will keep you relaxed, you can check titan massage chair reviews on the internet and make your choice.

Make herbal tea your best friend

The key is to consume a hot beverage as that can clear your nose and help you in breathing better. It will help relax your sinuses too. Star anise is a herb that is readily available in the market. You can get it and put it in your black tea, green tea, or just pure tea. You can put honey to sweeten the tea and consume it while it is hot for better and effective results.


Taking steam can help clear your sinuses and assist you in breathing better. The water vapors can help with congestion; they can produce moisture that will relieve you from swelling in the lungs, but make sure that when you are taking steam, you keep your hands away from the pot and don’t touch it, so that you are not burned.

Inhaling the steam from five to seven minutes must be enough. If the flu gets worse, it is best if you take the steam twice a day.

Blow your nose regularly

Blowing your nose regularly and the right way is essential when you blow your nose hard, there is a higher chance that the pressure can carry the phlegm full of germs back into the ears, which eventually causes earache, ear irritation or makes your ears itchy.

Pressing on one nostril and blowing from the other softly is the best technique to blow your nose as it will help the mucus come out without any extra pressure that harms other parts.

Flu comes and goes according to the weather, but it is necessary to take care of yourself by consuming lots and lots of liquids and taking a balanced diet. Make sure that you take care of yourself today so that you have a better tomorrow.

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