Can you use Kratom for Diabetes: A Guide Through

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) tree is similar to a family of the coffee trees. It’s been used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia region for a long time.

It’s a unique natural supplement that can have stimulating as well as sedating effects if taken at different dosages. Kratom usually takes 30 to 90 minutes after ingestion to start having desirable effects. These can last usually up to 6 hours.

People find it effective against chronic pain, anxiety, stress, blood pressure, cravings, and diabetes. If taken responsibly it doesn’t form a habit.

Diabetes: The Silent Killer.

When there’s high blood sugar in humans for a prolonged period of time due to failure of the body to create insulin, the condition is called type 1 diabetes.

It can develop an early age. If there’s insulin resistance developed in the body over a long period of time due to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, this is called type 2 diabetes.

While gestational diabetes develops in pregnant women having no prior history.

High blood sugar can wreak havoc on vital human organs like heart, eyes, kidneys, etc. It can cause life-threatening diseases like heart attack, blindness, and kidney failure.

Even though genetic factors contribute to the occurrence of diabetes, the explosion of diabetes cases in the world today can be traced back to an unhealthy modern lifestyle. It’s very important to maintain the ideal body weight in order to manage this disease.

It’s very important to detect diabetes at an early stage for managing it efficiently. You need to look out for symptoms like abnormal urination, increased thrust, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, the occurrence of difficult to heal wounds, etc.

If you have a family history along with these symptoms then consult the medical professional immediately.

Diabetes can reduce the human life span by 10 years if it left unmanaged. Society is yet to grapple with serious threat it possesses.

In the United States alone, there are more than 34 million cases of diabetes. It can be managed by taking proactive measures and changing lifestyles drastically. If the blood sugar level is very high, doctors may prescribe medications like metformin and insulin.

Diabetes: Mechanism

In the human body, Pancreas consists of unique cells named beta cells. The main function of these cells is producing a very important hormone called Insulin.

When we need energy, our cells convert glucose into ATP. Insulin is essential to move glucose from the blood into the cells.

In the case of type 1 diabetes, these gamma cells malfunctions and stop producing insulin altogether while in type 2 diabetes, there can be insufficient production of insulin or onset of insulin resistance.

Resistance to insulin happens when the body doesn’t use it efficiently. A greater quantity of insulin is required to transport sugar molecules into the cell.

Generally, the onset of insulin resistance makes diagnosis difficult as a person with this condition doesn’t show any symptoms initially.

The natural response of the body to insulin resistance is making the pancreas produce a high amount of insulin. But pancreas can’t keep up with this increased demand, which ultimately causes high blood sugar and this condition is called prediabetes which eventually leads up to type 2 diabetes

Kratom: How it helps in managing diabetes.

As per anecdotal evidence of some people taking Kratom as a natural supplement, they have experienced some fabulous benefits like lower blood sugar and increased insulin sensitivity.

They needed less dosage of insulin to keep blood sugar level down. Kratom is known as appetite suppresser, it reduces hunger, its well-known fact that people with diabetes suffer from disproportionate food cravings.

Kratom helps in managing food craving. Thus helping people to eat less and reduce their weight as a result.

Kratom benefits depend on its purity and quality. It’s very important to use organic Kratom with no added chemicals.

As Kratom tree grows in the warm and humid climate of South-East Asia, the finest organic quality of Kratom imported from that region has proved to be most beneficial.

Some brands like Thegoldenmonk provide excellent quality of Kratom at the lowest possible price. These capsules are convenient to take and provide maximum benefits for managing diabetes.

It’s important to note that you can’t take Kratom as insulin replacement. Its natural supplement which helps in managing diabetes, it may help in reducing insulin dosage, but you need to continue your prescribed medicine.

Kratom is known to help in managing chronic pain and anxiety, as both of them can adversely affect blood sugar level, thus Kratom indirectly helps by treating these conditions. Kratom also helps in lowering blood pressure which is critical in managing diabetes.

Some studies have been carried out in vitro, studying the effects of Kratom on glucose transport in humans. Results have been positive which indicates Kratom helps in increasing glucose uptake in cells thus reducing blood glucose level. It’s very important to take the recommended dose of Kratom as a high dose can be detrimental to health.

Kratom: An animal case study 

As per the 2008 scientific study published in Natural Product Research journal, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) found to be improving glucose transform in muscle cells of tested rats, thus reducing tested animal’s blood glucose level.

The main compound of Kratom leaves comprise of mitragynine and alkaloids, they can mimic the mechanism of insulin which results in higher insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake.

The study measured the level of radioactive 2 – deoxyglucose in test cells. When glucose enters the cells, it requires the help of a protein called GLUT 1 which is glucose transporter.

In test cells, an increase in protein GLUT 1 was observed thus proving a higher rate of glucose uptake.


As per animal studies and anecdotal evidence of Kratom users, it can be argued that Kratom taken as a supplement helps in managing diabetes. For getting benefits, taking the high quality of Kratom supplement is necessary.

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