Top 6 Budget-friendly HiBnB Accommodations in Canada for Cannabis Lovers

After the use of cannabis got legalized in Canada, the popularity of 420-inspired trips has significantly increased.

With its budget-friendly accommodations, fun activities, and lively events, Canada has become a haven for green-minded travelers.

The culture of Cannabis is currently thriving in Canada, and the comfort of legality is adding to the enjoyment of cannabis-lovers.

With the same spirit, HiBnb has curated a list of cannabis-friendly places that offer exquisite living spaces in your budget.

1.) Cannabis Friendly Townhouse in Vancouver

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this townhouse can contain 2 guests for $75 per night. The property is 1200 square feet in area with two stories.

The townhouse is within walking distance to various cannabis shops, restaurants, and wilderness that you seek while partaking in the recreational use of cannabis.

It also features a private backyard for your private parties but if you are willing to join more people in the community setting, you can get together in a public courtyard with your neighbors and make the party grander.

2.) Cannabis Friendly Entire House in Belleville

The cannabis-friendly villa is located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada is your perfect getaway for the weekend for just  $80 per room per night. It has a total of 4 bedrooms with a shared full bathroom.

It welcomes cannabis users with open arms and perfectly accommodates you and your friends with an ideal vacation plan. You can expect all the amenities of your typical hotel and beyond in this luxurious villa.

3.) Cannabis Friendly Apartment in Toronto

The apartment in Toronto that accommodates 420 cannafam features an artist-inspired lofty apartment with a sheltered balcony located at Toronto’s largest wooded parkland.

It accommodates 2 guests at a time with its 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom area is $150 per night.

You can take your partner or friend on a city adventure in Toronto and reside in this private apartment in a low-rise building on the 3rd floor.

You can find some amazing restaurants, bars, pubs, music venues, designers, and shops in the nearby area.

Not just the city adventures, but you can also experience some soothing natural healing by visiting the lake nearby which is just a 5-min walk from the apartment.

4.) Luxury 51st Floor 1 Bedroom Toronto Apartment with Gorgeous Balcony Lake Views

The luxury apartment in Toronto that lets you experience the lavish living inside a high-end exquisite apartment is your ideal getaway for the weekend for business travelers, couples, or solo adventures.

You have plenty of amazing places nearby this apartment where you can experience true city adventures such as the South Core, The Espresso Bar, Steam Whistle Brewing, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Rogers Centre, etc.

Inside the apartment, you will find access to great amenities and facilities to make your stay even more dreamy.

The view of the balcony is worth every penny you are paying for this apartment.

The natural lighting, the kitchen, the comfortable bed, is everything that adds to the beauty of it.

5.) Inner City Hot Box Haven

The Inner City Hot Box Haven located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada accommodates 2 guests at the time and features a townhouse with private space in a homely environment.

The modern and well-located home in Calgary is designed to comfort the guests in the best way possible.

You can also enjoy a dry sauna inside the living area with towels, bedding, hygiene products, and skincare products.

The house is available to you at a price of $111 with a well-equipped kitchen and a storage space for your use.

6.) Wild Divine Sanctuary for Nature Enthusiasts

If you are fond of exploring the mystery and nature’s wonders, then this stay is the ideal stay option for you.

You can perform yoga, practice zen, and connect with nature altogether with this beautifully decorated space.

It also allows you the experience the view of the backyard along with the trails of the ravine.

To elevate your experience as a cannabis lover, you can also combine the recreational use of cannabis while indulging yourself in paddleboarding, massaging, conscious coaching and whatnot. In just $144 a night, you can have the experience of a lifetime.

The Bottom Line

The destinations or accommodations by HiBnB curated in the list above accommodate the cannabis enthusiasts in the best way possible.

It helps you connect with like-minded travelers who share the same love for pot and would company you in the out-of-the-world experience of indulging in cannabis.