9 Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s

Once you turn twenty, it is time to start having fun, understanding the world and seeing it in a new light.

Time has come for you to diversify and grow your pleasure and entertainment portfolio.

However, it is also essential to ensure that you keep in mind that having fun carries its consequences and seeking advice when at twenty is crucial.

If looking for a fun activity, what better way to spend your twenties than visiting fascinating destinations or worldwide top-rated beaches?

When approaching thirty, your responsibilities will increase with work and family commitments, and there is no available time to engage in beach parties.

Visit different beaches and engage in night-time partying and daytime sporting activities.

To help you out in selecting your beach party location, here are several beaches you may want to consider.

1.) The Kuta Beach 

Love intriguing parties on the beach at any time of the day? Combine the thrilling feel of a surfboard under your feet and amazing waves on the Kuta Beach in Bali.

Whether you are a starter or an experienced surfer, the beach has fantastic offers for you to try out.

Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s - The Kuta Beach

Admire and part in a fantastic culinary experience while making your nightlife an adventure into the different party clubs on the beach.

Depending on your surfing preferences, ensure you lock your board safely on your vehicle’s discovery 2 roof rack for security.

2.) The Ko Phangan Beach in Thailand 

Partying is quite fulfilling, especially when different cultures get a representation.

If looking for versatile beach parties where individuals from all over the world come to have a night full of fun, then visit the Ko Phangan beach in Thailand.

Famous for holding the Full Moon Party, having the night star shine on the beach makes it more trendy and lively.

Take part in their traditional and exotic dance stages, have a drink while basking under the stars on the beach and have innumerable cuisines to accomplish this specific beach adventure.

Night partying on the beach comes with day accompaniments that include kite surfing paddle or wakeboarding or just enjoying a bike ride during the day.

3.) Mykonos Beach in Greece

Apart from having a rich architectural history, Greece also has one of the most sought after beaches in the world.

Famous for wild and out of this world night parties, anyone in their twenties and desiring a little extra fun can only dream of what the destination offers.

Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s - Mykonos Beach in Greece

From wild nights to lively and breathtaking beach views and enjoying a cocktail while resting and relaxing, there is nothing amiss when visiting Mykonos Beach.

4.) Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana Beach 

Think of different themes and combine them with private parties all over the beach! If the excitement has already hit you, then, you have to travel to Rio and enjoy the Copacabana beach.

Make memories and create history by lasting all day and night beach partying your hearts out.

Explore the food types at your disposal while keeping up with the busy nightlife at the beach. Get your surfing board and take a turn on the fantastic ocean waters.

Come with others, especially during the holiday and have an excellent beach party experience.

5.) Nicaragua San Juan Del Sur Beach 

The adrenaline rush is something that young people seek. Well from dirt bikes, you can experience a night out partying on the best beach in Nicaragua and immediately after go on an amazing adrenaline full motorbike riding.

Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s Nicaragua San Juan Del Sur Beach

If not, start your training on ocean surfing or hike, relax in the evening with different Yoga instructions and retreats and retire to one of the beach parties before closing the night.

Such an itinerary will have you visiting the beach now and again. Not forgetting the individual practices with fantastic food to accompany, you will need to get a souvenir to carry home after the experience.

6.) Miami Beach in Florida 

One of the unique and picturesque beaches in the world associated with bright white sand and clear but blue waters, it is not only unusual; it is also captivating.

Coupled with a nightlife full of versatile parties that range from family vacations to single and searching, you can fit in any and all of these.

For those in their twenties, feel the music and meet your favorite DJ while visiting Miami Beach.

Get into one of the themed night clubs on the beach or participate in their never-ending beach festivals.

There is something for everyone to do at the Miami Beach that will keep you entertained all day long and especially during the night.

7.) Cornwall Beach England

Sometimes, what you need is nonstop fun with different events following one another.

Well, Cornwall beach offers you precisely that. With various individuals, companies and even corporates holding their festivals/ events, there is nothing restricting you from having a bit of fun at the games such as the surfing festival.

Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s Cornwall Beach England

Become a participant or cheer from the sidelines, visit their amusing and quite exciting parks and discover an array of cuisines you never thought existed before now.

This beach is perfect for young people and a definite addition to your list of beaches to visit when twenty.

8.) Boracay Beach in the Philippines 

If aiming to have a luxurious time, this is the beach to visit. The island is famous for its range of parties that kickoff once the sun goes down the horizon.

The clubs and specialized joints come to life, and you get an experience that is fit for you in every way. Get a chance to experience their different music and travel through the beach and explore their entertainment joints.

9.) Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia 

The beach offers an interactive partying platform with special events and festivals.

People come for their holiday parties as the beach provides essential amenities, including huts under which you can gather your friends or family to hold your party.

Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s - Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

If you want it indoors, gather around one of the trees providing shade on the beach and enjoy your drinks and food. Get mercerized by the fireworks that characterize some of the parties generating a new party vibe.


As a twenty-year-old, there is much out there for you to learn and explore.

You just gained freedom from your controlling guardians and diving deep into partying can be harmful if not in control of your life.

Therefore, visit any of the above areas for a time of your life but exercise caution for your safety.

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