How Technology Is Blooming In Healthcare To Fight Diseases

Technology is the mother of Generation Z! And how can diseases be cured without the blessing of technology? Many people still have the perception that diseases can be cured only by the expert hands of doctors and nurses. But, just look back and think for a moment, what would the doctor have done, if the stethoscope was not invented? The role of technology has taken the forefront in healthcare in recent days. And all thanks go to the hard work and dedication of the technologists. It has formed a strong pillar of support in building enhanced healthcare. 

Wait, are you still not convinced that technology is laying the carpet for advanced health care? By the end of this blog, you will have no way other than to be convinced. We, the most experienced healthcare advisors in India, promise you that. 

Is Technology Actually Needed In Healthcare?

Yes, a big YES. As we already said, without technology healthcare is a mere theoretical subject. And technology has been a part and parcel of healthcare for centuries. But, this topic has been the talk of the town very recently. The only reason contributing to this is the increasing pace of the advancement of technology

Every day, there is an improvement in technology. From mercury Blood pressure monitoring devices to completely automatic BP monitoring devices, health care has improved enormously. Just imagine, if one day, technology stops contributing to the medical facilities, the entire healthcare forum will fall back in the race of progress. Age-old techniques have to be used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

Technology Blessed Diagnostic Procedures

The first step to a successful treatment is a correct diagnosis. And how can the diagnosis be superlative, without the contributions of technology?

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare by offering new and improved diagnostic tools and innovative cloud-based medical imaging solutions. These advancements not only enhance the quality of healthcare, but also make it more efficient, enabling medical professionals to provide better care to patients.

#1. Imaging Machines

From the methodology of X-Ray to ultrasonography, from MRI to PET scan, everything came to use only because of technology. Connect and consult professionals, they have advanced machines that can give a clear picture of each part of your body and its realted health conditions. a clear picture of each part of the body. Any abnormal masses or hidden lesions can be usually found with these technology techniques.

#2. Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Machines

Without technology, do you think it would have been ever possible to look into the gastrointestinal tract of human beings? But, now we are able to do so, and capture photos of the inside of the Gastrointestinal tract. These procedures brought a revolution in healthcare. 

#3. Lab Machines

Once your blood, urine, stool or sputum sample is collected, do you know how they are able to say your Haemoglobin level or cholesterol level? Well, there are multiple machines inside the laboratory. After a series of techniques, the machine reads out the exact values. 

Some Life-Saving Technology

With repeated trials, technology has been able to save numerous lives with some of the best inventions. In this paragraph, we will throw light on some examples of such technological blessings. 

#1. Dialyser Machine

We are pretty sure that everyone reading this blog must know someone who had to undergo dialysis as a part of kidney treatment. The dialysis machine is a man sized machine with the capability to purify the blood in a cyclic manner. Standing today, it is affirmed that this machine has saved added years of life to millions of people across the globe.

#2. Sterilisation Machines

Sterilisation is the process of killing microorganisms in hospital equipment. Now, you all may be wondering the reason for placing this under the heading “life saving equipment”. Statistics say that almost 50% of people staying in hospital for more than 48 hours suffer from one or the other hospital-associated infection. An infection intensifies the magnitude of the already prevailing disease. So, without the invention and use of sterilisation machines, treatment would never have been so effective. 

Some Recent Contributions Of Technology To The Healthcare Sector

Technology never goes old, and so technology has made continuous contributions to healthcare. So far, you have seen the blessings of technology at different strata of healthcare. In this paragraph, we will throw light on such recent developments.

#1. Tele consultation 

Most of you are familiar with the term Tele Consultation by now! You need not spend hours standing outside a doctor’s clinic for a checkup. To avoid the hassles of visits, and also to save time, Tele consultation is the new normal. You can just make an audio call or a video call, and your consultation is done! 

#2. Health Apps

Gone are the days of noting down the fever temperatures, or blood pressure in a diary and carrying that to the doctor during the subsequent visits. There are multiple health apps that keep track of your health in a continuous process. Right from sleep quality, to heart rate, from the date of onset of menstruation to SPO2, health apps are efficient in managing your entire health data in an encapsulated form and producing them whenever the need arises. 

A Blessing That You Cannot Overlook

At the end of the day, everyone is concerned about the expenses of treatment. And again, hats off to technology. Just because of the advancement of technology, time and manpower consumption have decreased, and so obviously the cost came down.

Technology has certainly been the shooting star for us. And none of us can deny it! We know, that even you cannot. 

How Will You Know About The Presence Of Technology In Any Particular Hospital?

Just as this question began to bloom in your mind, we came here to answer this question too! Being an outsider, it is indeed difficult to know the level of technology and infrastructure in any particular hospital. 

To know whether Apollo Hospital Delhi has Tele consultation facilities or not, whether BLK Hospital houses enough infrastructure for PET Scan or any other information related to technology, you can contact a medical tourism company. There are multiple such companies in India, that provide expert healthcare counselling to patients and their families. 

Who Offers The Best Hospital Consultation In India?

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There are no ways to overlook the blessing of technology in the current practices of health care. We can make use of technology in a better way in future and improve healthcare in India. The pace of improvement of technology is climbing up the steep hills. Fingers crossed, the rate of improvement increases with time.