What’s The Importance of Written Communication? Check it here!

There are several ways to communicate and each is used according to the context and needs involved.

In the business environment, specifically, written communication is fundamental, as it is very important to record various types of information through reports, memos, manuals, e-mails, among others.

However, for these records to be truly effective and to promote understanding, attention must be paid to the quality with which the messages were written.

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Written Communication Within Businesses

Oral communication is very important and also extremely necessary within a company.

However, there are several types of data that need to be recorded, either to reach more people or to be archived for later reference.

Some examples of written communication widely used by companies include:

  • Notices with information of interest to all employees;
  • Manuals with the rules of conduct and dress that everyone should follow;
  • Job descriptions with all their assignments;
  • Emails exchanged between employees;
  • Sending messages to clients;
  • Reports to let the manager know about the work progress of each sector;
  • Lists with tasks to complete or products to purchase.

There are many functions and uses of writing within an organization. Because of this, care must be taken to ensure that information is written clearly and correctly.

Thus, misunderstandings and rework are avoided, very harmful situations that can compromise employee productivity and bring harm to the company.

Powerful Tips To Improve Written Communication

If your role within the company you work for involves writing, even sporadically, it is important that you always seek to improve and develop this skill.

When it comes to writing well, it is not only spelling mistakes that can compromise understanding, but also the way ideas are passed on to paper.

The Importance of Written Communication - infographics showing importance of written skills - written communication

Here are some tips that will help you communicate better by using writing at work and in your daily life.

1 – Adopt the Reading Habit

The best way to learn to write better is to adopt the reading habit.

When reading it is possible to see in practice new ways to build sentences and have the chance to expand vocabulary, knowing new words and synonyms for those you already know.

Books, and even newspapers, magazines, and websites, in general, prove to be great sources of information and knowledge, so use them to your advantage.

Over time you will see how much this habit will positively impact the quality of your writing.

2 – Organize Thoughts Before Writing

Before you start writing, organize the ideas in your mind. This will make it easier to get your ideas across to paper or to the computer program without getting lost in the middle of sentences.

Sort information into primary, secondary, and irrelevant. Thus, you can give greater emphasis to those that are most important, following the secondary ones and discarding those that are not needed.

Thinking in advance about what you are going to write will make you better understand the content of the message so that you can review it more clearly.

3 – Consider Who Will Read

A very important point to consider before writing any kind of message is to consider who will read it and under what circumstances.

Thus, in addition to adapting the language, you will know whether to write short or more detailed text, how to format the document before printing, among other details.

Knowing the purpose of writing something is essential to defining the best path to follow.

4 – Remember Less Is More

When it comes to written communication it is important to always consider that less is more.

In this sense, avoid using more sentences than necessary and give preference to simpler words that can be easily understood.

Using far-fetched vocabulary for the sake of sounding cultured can compromise the understanding of those who will read the message. So always focus on writing well to be understood and not to show off your skills.

5 – Always Review What To Write

No matter how much attention you have to writing, proofreading proves to be a critical resource for correcting minor typos or mismatches.

Also, when the written text will have a special destination, such as being part of a document or being printed on a large number of copies, for example, it is interesting to ask someone else to review it.

This way, you are more likely to eliminate all mistakes and deliver quality work that meets your goals.

6 – Use Text Editing Programs

Even though text editing programs are not capable of blaming all kinds of errors, it is a fact that they help to minimize them considerably.

In this sense, even if you are going to send an email, you prefer to write in one of these programs before passing the text to the message body, thus, you will have greater chances of identifying possible errors, especially typing errors.

Also, this caution will prevent you from hitting the send button by mistake before completing the message you wish to pass.

Check out this application if you frequently extract editable text from the photos.

7 – Identify Your Most Common Mistakes

As you begin to know your writing skills better, you will be able to identify the most common mistakes you make.

Then you can devote yourself to developing them and learning the right way. Always remember that the best way to improve something in your behavior or in relation to some skills you want to develop is to shed light on it.

This way you will know exactly what needs to be worked on, increasing the chances of success.

Writing is a very important modality within communication, be it personal or professional.

Paying attention to the quality of the way you write is fundamental to being able to express yourself and avoid misunderstandings, both within the company you work for and day to day, through tickets, messages and also on social networks.

Always strive to improve your skills and knowledge, so you will be allowing yourself to evolve and become a better version of yourself.

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