How Doctors Can Find the Best Jobs for Them

The medical industry can be a challenging one. No too jobs placement are the same. The culture and policies from one hospital or clinic to another are widely varied.

The same goes for hours, pay, and benefits. How can a doctor ensure they get the best job for a content professional life?

This article will list several different ways that a doctor can get a job other doctors envy.

Keep in Touch with Recruiters

While some doctors dislike working with recruiters, you never know when the perfect jobs opportunity will be made known to you from a recruiting firm.

Whether this is an in house recruiter from a hospital of choice or a full scope physician recruiting firm, these professionals spend all day looking for jobs for doctors.

It only makes sense that they might be the first to know about a potential position. Make sure you don’t write them off and check back often to see if they have anything new you might be interested in.

Good Negotiation Tactics

Sometimes, all a physician needs to do to take a good job to a great one is to negotiate the terms in their favor.

Unlike what some doctors might think, when a hospital or clinic offers you a job and presents you with a letter of intent, these numbers aren’t set in stone and neither are the terms.

In fact, these potential employers are expecting a negotiation and are always willing to come to a compromise for mutual benefit.

You can not only negotiate the annual salary, but you can even ask for vacation pay and a hefty signing bonus to help you settle in.

Aside from money, you can negotiate on call expectations and duties and responsibilities.

Network with Your Peers

With any industry, you will always have a better chance of getting the job you want if you know someone on the inside. Get out there and socialize. Share professional ideas and experiences.

When you are looking for a better job, it’s who you know that will give you the “in”, especially when a dozen or more other candidates are after the same position.

Expand Your Skills

If you’ve been looking for the right job without success, perhaps it’s time to broaden your search into jobs that use your skills but are a bit different than you are used to.

And If you don’t enjoy the hours of working the hospital shift, you can check out a clinical position in a doctor’s office. If you’d like to find a less stressful position with less patient interaction, medical research might be what you’d enjoy.

Just because you’ve got experience in the more traditional physician position doesn’t mean you are limited to that job. Maybe what you really need is a complete chance of scenery.

Try Locum Tenens

When signing a contract for a physician position, the commitment is pretty long term. If you aren’t sure about what kind of job would be your perfect fit, you can become a locum tenens physician to help figure that out.

As a locum tenens, you can travel around the country filling short term needs for hospitals in varying job types. This will allow you to “try on” different physician coats and see which one is the most comfortable.

If you find the area and job type that you love, you can always ask for a permanent position or find a job that is similar in another area.


If you want to have a positive professional experience, you can’t just settle for any job offered to you, even if the money is good.

The best jobs will have a balance of good compensation, good benefits, and a manageable schedule. If you’re looking for your diamond in the rough, try these five tips.