20 Best ECG Machines in 2023

1) AliveCor Single Lead ECG Device

AliveCor Single Lead ECG Device is a two-electrode device that records ECG at 300 samples per second for 30 to 5 minutes. It can detect four of the most common arrhythmias using AI. Locally storing ECG histories lets users access them anytime, anywhere. It also simplifies ECG sharing.

AliveCor Single Lead ECG Device


  • Automated Arrhythmia Detection
  • Conveniently Retrieve Past ECG Records
  • A Single Lead ECG That’s Simple to Operate
  • Certified for Use
  • Suggested by Medical Professionals

2) Sunfox Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device

Sunfox Spandan 4.0 has Intelli-ECG and bio-potential sensors. It records the first tests in just 10 seconds wherever and whenever. It offers 12-lead ECG tests with 99.7% accuracy and also diagnoses arrhythmia issues. The device simplifies ECG recording, storage, and sharing on Android devices.

Sunfox Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device


  • can identify arrhythmias
  • Intelli-ECG and biopotential sensors built in.
  • Within 10 seconds, the device can record basic tests.
  • capable of making fine-tuned dysfunctionality diagnoses

3) KardiaMobile Six-Lead Portable ECG Device

AI- and Bluetooth-enabled KardiaMobile Six-Lead Portable ECG Device captures high-quality heart data. It accurately records six ECG leads at once. This device simplifies report sharing and recording. Due to its pocket size, users can check their hearts from their smartphones anytime.

KardiaMobile Six-Lead Portable ECG Device


  • Six-lead ECG.
  • 10-mV peak-to-peak input dynamic range.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy with a 1-metre range.
  • 200-hour 3V CR2016 coin cell battery 

4) Contec PM 10 Portable ECG Monitor

The Contec ECG monitor is a portable monitor with rechargeable batteries. It promises fast results and allows for PC applications and Bluetooth data transfer to smartphones for storage. Its 1.77-inch colour monitor shows results and weighs less than 60g.

Contec PM 10 Portable ECG Monitor


  • 1.77″ TFT-LCD.
  • Easy finger-touch ECG check.
  • Accurate results.
  • Fully charged, the lithium battery can record 300 cases.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • CLOUD Platform stores ECG data permanently for easy analysis.
  • Easy-to-diagnose historical data can be printed anytime.

5) Agatsa Sanketlife 2.0 Portable ECG Device

The 35g Agatsa Sanketlife 2.0 is one of the smallest and most cheap ECG devices. It records ECGs on-the-go on iOS and Android devices. It can detect 30 heart-related abnormalities. Its cloud connectivity lets consumers access data on any device.

Agatsa Sanketlife 2.0 Portable ECG Device


  • Compact Electrocardiogram Device
  • Fluctuations in Heart Rate (HRV)

6) EMAY Portable ECG Monitor

This pocket-sized ECG monitor is portable and supported by most smartphones. It records heart rate and rhythm for 30 seconds and includes PC software to keep and share data. This device works by placing hands on the sensors on either side of the ECG monitor and holding it motionless for 30 seconds. 

EMAY Portable ECG Monitor


  • Pocket-sized.
  • Record 30 seconds of heart rate between two hands without cords.
  • Transfer, evaluate, store, print, and distribute professional reports on iOS/Android.
  • Easy four-position operation without cables.
  • No hidden fees or subscriptions. 

7) FaceLake FL10

FaceLake FL10 sports an easy-to-read 1.77-inch LCD screen. Users can adjust the reading time and observe real-time heartbeat displays. It offers iOS and Android apps that save readings. One can print or download a PDF to share readings with a doctor.

FaceLake FL10


  • 1.77″ TFT-LCD
  • Finger-touch ECG testing, easy to use.
  • Accurate results
  • In full charge, the lithium-ion battery can record 500 cases.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • CLOUD Platform stores ECG data permanently, making it easy to verify and analyse.
  • Print historical data anytime to diagnose.

8) Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

This Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope has Bluetooth and single-button controls. To use it, simply press it to your chest and check the results on the Eko app. Eko claims that one can amplify the sound of their heart up to 60 times. It also claims that this equipment is suitable for medical professionals.

Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope


  • In-ear digital stethoscope with ecg
  • Detected AFib and murmurs automatically
  • Simple Eko App pairing with a single tap
  • In-depth wireless monitoring
  • Sound can be amplified up to 32 times.
  • Easily portable
  • Designed specifically for use in remote medical care settings
  • Perfect for doctor’s offices and at-home checkups

9) Omron Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG

This device is FDA-approved as medical-grade. It monitors cardiac rhythm and blood pressure. It syncs with Omron Connect. One can store, track, and share heart health data on this.

Omron Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG


  • All-inclusive statistics
  • Gives a glimpse into the essentials
  • Easy-to-wear cuff
  • verifiable precision

10) Biocare 12-Lead ECG Machine

A nurse or other healthcare practitioner can utilise this medical equipment at home. FDA and CE-approved, It works without a smartphone or computer app. It’s portable and lightweight. This device can monitor or print your ECG.It is a sensitive monitor and quickly detects arrhythmias.

Biocare 12-Lead ECG Machine


  • 12-Channel Ecg Recording Sheet
  • Validity Authorization
  • Flat Panel Touch Display Size: 9 Inches
  • Encourage ECG screenings for people of all ages.
  • Conclusions Drawn From Its Own Analysis
  • Acquisition of a VCG
  • Space-Saving and Convenient
  • Numerous Format Choices

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11) Wellue Portable EKG Monitor

Chest straps are available for this handheld monitor. It can record your ECG for 30–15 minutes. It can be used both with and without a  smartphone and also has a free smartphone app. To view data, Bluetooth it to a smartphone app and record and share heart health data.

Wellue Portable EKG Monitor


  • Portable/Wearable
  • ECGs can be taken anywhere for 30s to 15 minutes.
  • Free App Detects Heart Issues
  • Unlimited ECG Report Storage & Sharing
  • Lead I, II, or Chest Lead Supported
  • Each charge supports approximately 500 measurements.

12) Channel ECG Machine 300GA

ECG300G is an electrocardiograph that records, displays, measures, and diagnoses ECG waveform characteristics automatically, prompts for “Lead off” and “Lack of paper,” has a multi-language interface, and manages case databases.

Channel ECG Machine 300GA


  • Sync 12-lead ECG capture
  • One-screen display of 1/3/6/12-lead ECG, print mode, sensitivity, paper speed, filter condition, etc. 
  • Waveform length and timed printing satisfy distinct needs.
  • Built-in memory keeps 15 cases, optional SD card stores up to 100 cases, making case and statistic viewing easy for doctors.
  • Chinese/English interface and report.
  • Optional ECG-Sync software

13) BPL Cardiart 6208 View Plus 3-channel ECG 

The 6208 view is a three-channel ECG reader with automatic summarization. It can acquire 12 leads with its rechargeable battery. It contains USB and a big LCD display.

BPL Cardiart 6208 View Plus 3-channel ECG 


  • Three-channel ECG.
  • 3.5″ colour LCD
  • Automatic measurement and interpretation 12–bit A/D converter, 0.05–150 Hz bandwidth, 1000 Hz sampling frequency
  • 500 ECGs stored inside, expandable via USB.
  • High-capacity Li-ion battery
  • Report formats options

14) BPL 6108T Single Channel ECG Machine

The BPL Cardiart 6108T is an easy-to-use, portable single-channel ECG device capable of sequential acquisition in the manual mode and assisted simultaneous acquisition in the automatic mode. It is everything you need in a portable, simple, and straightforward ECG.

BPL 6108T Single Channel ECG Machine


  • One-channel ECG recorder
  • Automatic and manual recording modes
  • Thermal print produces high-resolution ECGs on 50 mm paper
  • Memory stores last ECG recording.
  • Internal NiMh battery

15) Bionet Cardiocare 2000 12-Channel ECG Machine

The CardioCare 2000 is a low-cost, high-performance 12 channel ECG/EKG machine. It is suitable for private practice, ER, and hospitals. It is designed for simplicity and convenience.

Bionet Cardiocare 2000 12-Channel ECG Machine


  • Resting Ecgs with 12 Channels Recorded Concurrently
  • Coursework for Deciphering Ecgs
  • Sheets of Regular Size, A4
  • Affordable Upkeep
  • BMS-Plus Electronic Heart Recording System

16) RMS Vesta 301i 3-Channel ECG Machine

The RMS Vesta 301i 3-Channel ECG Machine displays the ECG waveform in rich color on a high-resolution TFT screen. The medical records are entered using an alphanumeric keypad. Digital filters remove baseline drift and AC/EMG interference. Real-time time and date are also shown.

RMS Vesta 301i 3-Channel ECG Machine


  • 12 leads acquisition simultaneously.
  • ECG waveform preview on high TFT colour monitor.
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard for patient and clinical data.
  • Digital filter eliminates baseline drift, AC&EMG interference.
  • Defibrillator isolation.

17) ZONCARE IMAC 300 3-Channel ECG

The iMAC 300 is a 3-channel resting electrocardiogram with a user-friendly, straightforward interface. It works wonderfully as a clinic and practice alternative.
ZONCARE IMAC 300 3-Channel ECG


  • 32000Hz digital sampling.
  • Original iFilter adaptive filtering technology substantially enhanced ECG signal quality.
  • The lightest 3-Channel ECG, 1.2kg 5.6-inch high-resolution LED screen
  • Latex keyboard scratches
  • Three-pronged ECG lead reduces winding.
  • Thermal paper support

18) Philips Pagewriter TC20 12-Channel ECG Machine

With the Philips Pagewriter TC20, you can upgrade your business at a low cost without sacrificing on quality or durability. This device is built with a capacitive 6.5-inch touchscreen, an easy 1-2-3 workflow, and a variety of input and output options like WiFi and XML.

Philips Pagewriter TC20 12-Channel ECG Machine


  • Internal storage for up to 200 patients 
  • 6.5-inch colour touch screen 
  • Computer-style keyboard
  • PDF Disseminate using a USB flash disc.
  • EMR interface and wireless options
  • Superior lithium-ion battery life (30 ECGs per charge)
  • Print preview on a 12 panel colour screen

19) Nidek ECG-703 3-Channel ECG Machine

The Nidek ECG-703 3-Channel ECG Machine is used by Cardiologists and general practitioners for diagnostics. They can do routine diagnostics. This precise and easy-to-use machine makes diagnosis and analysis simple.

Nidek ECG-703 3-Channel ECG Machine


  • Mobile ECG with 3 Leads
  • Analyses in Manual, Auto, and Arrhythmia Modes
  • 3.5 inches LCD Keyboard
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery pack for recharging
  • The ability to record and play back ECG waves in real time
  • Adapt to an AC power supply of 110 – 230 volts at 50 or 60 hertz

20) RMS Vesta 101 Single Channel ECG Machine

The RMS Vesta 101 Single Channel ECG Machine is minimal in size and weight. All 12 wires can be turned on with a single button push. It has two modes  available: automatic and manual. It also stores  ECG Archives of the Last Patient. ECG lead printing can be optimised with auto baseline control in this. 

RMS Vesta 101 Single Channel ECG Machine


  • Minimal in size and weight.
  • All twelve wires can be switched with a single button press.
  • There are both automatic and manual settings.
  • ECG Archive of the Last Patient.
  • Printing ECG leads with optimal auto baseline control.
  • Batteries, charging, and AC/DC functionality indicators.