9 New Foods that Power up your Workout

Everyone wants to acquire a toned and defined physique like that of professional athletes. Athletes have a fascinating body, and everyone would wish to obtain a toned body.

Most people think that professional athletes rely on energy bars, protein powders, and other supplements for the maintenance of their body shapes.

Working out requires a lot of energy. People who workout does not rely on supplements alone, but eating healthy food makes them achieve optimal results.

Sports nutritionists recommend eating nutritious and healthy food, which are rich in energy to help meet the demands.

Below are some of the food that acts as powerhouses during the workout period.

1.) Bananas

A banana will supply you with enough energy to fuel your muscles, especially when you are active.

A study shows that, when a cyclist takes half a banana after every 15 minutes, it will provide the same carbohydrates content as drinking a sports drink.

9 New Foods that Power up your Workout-bananas - banana desert

Bananas will fuel your body and provide nutrients and antioxidants that are absent in sports drinks. There are many ways of eating a banana.

You can enjoy by blending them to form a smoothie, feeding them on their own, or slicing them and eat them with cereal, oatmeal or toast.

You can either take a banana before exercise or after the workout.

2.) Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is more thick and concentrated, compared to regular yogurt. Taking Greek yogurt will provide your body with more protein than regular yogurt.

You can consume Greek yogurt by adding it to oats and fruits for a snack or mix it with oatmeal.

3.) Pomegranates

Pomegranates are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which are essential for muscle building. Recent research shows that when active people take pomegranate juice daily, their muscles feel strong even after the exercise.

This juice is a super recovery smoothie. You can consume this juice with protein powder, leafy greens or with fresh fruits.

4.) Eggs

An egg is rich in essential amino acids and proteins, which play a vital role in muscle building. Eggs supply the body with leucine, an amino acid that is crucial for protein synthesis.

9 New Foods that Power up your Workout - eggs - egg benefits

Research indicates that eggs provide the body with nutrients that promote muscle recovery and strength. You can eat an egg with a potato scramble or salad sandwich.

5.) Apples

An apple will deliver quercetin in your body; a substance that can increase energy metabolism.

It will help to increase endurance, and enable you to work out for longer and withstand strenuous exercise.

Eating apples will keep you going, and you will not feel exhausted. You can enjoy taking sliced apples or add to the snacks of your choice.

You can also blend and take apple juice before going for the workout.

6.) Oats

Oats provide the body with slow-to-digest complex carbs. Its carb to protein ratio ensures there is sustained energy supply throughout the exercise.

This combo can keep you full for longer. Oatmeal for breakfast will keep you going, and you will still feel healthy and energetic after the workout.

9 New Foods that Power up your Workout - cereals - oats - grains

Oats is an excellent recovery meal, and you can enjoy it with nut butter, Greek yogurt, or berries.

7.) Salmon

Salmon is a type of fish found in freshwater. Salmon supplies the body with inflammation reduction omega- 3S.

Taking salmon before exercise will promote faster recovery of muscles. Three ounces of salmon will provide your body with proteins and omega 3 fatty acids.

8.) Mangoes

Mangoes contain antioxidants that promote faster recovery after the exercise. Eating mangoes will make you feel better after the workout.

The anti-inflammatory compounds available in mangoes include gall tannin, gallic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

These compounds will help reduce pain and make you feel better after exercise. You can enjoy eating mango with poultry, meat, and seafood.

You can also slice mangoes and take with oatmeal or blend juice.

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9.) Nut butter

Nut butter is rich in nutrients that will supply the body with long-lasting energy.

Consuming nut butter will provide your body with vitamins, proteins, and unsaturated fats, which converts into energy for fuelling the body throughout the exercise.

You can blend nut butter to make an awesome recovery smoothie. You can consume nut butter with oatmeal or on toast. You can also eat it by smearing your favorite fruit.


Most of the people are embracing workout for a healthy and attractive body. However, a workout is not for faint-hearted, as it requires a lot of energy and sacrifices.

It is wise for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to supplement their body with energy, giving foods and supplements.

It helps in improving stamina and lean muscle mass if ingested with a proper diet.

One can also consume Marijuana seeds or Hemp seeds from online dispensary Canada easily. These seeds boost muscle strength and provide quick recovery from workouts.

During a workout session, you can top up your body energy with sports drinks or supplements like protein shakes.

Sports nutritionist recommends consuming food rich in essential nutrients for a constant supply of energy.

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