How Online Degrees Help with a Nursing Career?

The pursuit of higher education in today’s digital world has removed many barriers, especially when it comes to technical education like nursing. With the nurses’ busy schedules and late-night shifts, continuing education can be challenging, but online resources make it easier. 

With the increased demand for nurses in the US, mainly because of the retiring population, acquiring a nursing education is becoming easier. A study published in Sage Journals predicts one-third of doctoral nurses will retire by 2025, signifying the need to replace the retiring population. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job outlook of Registered Nurses (RN) to rise by 6% annually until 2031. 

Therefore, online nursing degrees emerged as a valuable asset for nurses to acquire and expand their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to advance their nursing career

Whether you are planning to kick-start your career in nursing or enhance your existing skills, this guide will help you understand how online degrees can support your journey and help you thrive in today’s dynamic health landscape.

1. Complete Your Degree Earlier

Long gone are the times when Bachelor’s degrees required four years of completion. You can now pursue an accelerated online nursing Bachelor’s degree that allows you to cover your basic education with clinical assessment, experience in-person clinical placement, and combine theory with practical and real-world applications with a 100% distance learning curriculum. You can complete your online ABSN nursing degree in just 15 months, with the flexibility of three start dates in a year, two residencies, acquire CCNE accreditation, and cover 570 clinical hours and 56 credit hours when you enroll in the University of Indianapolis, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Moreover, pursuing online education makes it less costly, with only $980 per credit hour, with a total of $54,880. However, you may opt for financial aid. 

A rigorous full-time online study program will allow you to focus on your curriculum completely, preparing you for the job market. This way, you will be able to complete your degree in advance and enter your desired field fully prepared. 

2. Opens New Career Opportunities

With a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, you have more career opportunities than only being a Registered Nurse (RN). The degree will teach you high-level nursing skills and abilities in demand and required to thrive in your career. It means getting more responsibilities and tasks to gain recognition in your profession.

You can hold leadership positions like heading the nursing department in a hospital, private clinic, or medical center, or working in healthcare administration with an ABSN. Alternatively, you can opt to switch your job to gain a horizontal perspective in your position. Every healthcare facility would be a new career opportunity for you to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Additionally, if you want to increase your earning potential, you can enroll in the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program and qualify for top nursing jobs in the industry. An MSN equips you with a specialized degree and allows you to enter the medical field, which has huge potential for future growth. 

Moreover, as per the news report by Managed Healthcare Executive, there will be an increased emphasis on patient-centricity and value-based care – two of the things that nurses do best. With a higher degree and specialized knowledge, you have the power to capture rapidly advancing healthcare fields that will define its future. 

3. Flexibility and Convenience

With the highly demanding and evolving role of nurses, it can be challenging to attend in-person classes in college. Online nursing degrees allow you the flexibility to study on your terms. You can either study early morning or at night without the need to stick to a class schedule, unlike traditional education. 

Moreover, you can access the resource library with research papers, articles, case studies, books, assignments, and recorded lectures at your fingertips. The online education portal provides you with a comprehensive list of study materials at your disposal whenever you need them. However, that does not mean that you cannot coordinate with your instructor in case you find something unclear. You can contact your instructor by email and ask questions at any time. 

Eliminating the need to commute saves travel costs and allows you to study at your pace, especially with unpredictable work schedules. Moreover, it allows you to network virtually in multiple locations while completing clinical training locally. Colleges that offer online nursing programs also offer one-on-one clinical placement services in your local area. This close collaboration allows you to spend more time with your trainer, enhancing your knowledge base while ensuring university and national guidelines. 

4. Receive Top Quality Education

No matter where you reside, distance learning allows you to enroll in top nursing schools around the world while completing your degree from home. Since nursing is a technical degree, it is important to enroll in the right accredited institution to get the most out of it and to advance your career to reach the top level.

Enrolling in the best nursing school means collaborating with the best nursing staff and fellows. It will allow you to create a virtual network of community from across the world and expose you to different perspectives and practices. This, in turn, allows your mind to open up to new possibilities and opportunities. You may learn about a top nursing program or training that aligns with your goals and interests. It removes limitations to personal and professional growth and learning.

Moreover, receiving top-quality education means landing jobs in the best places, contributing towards a growing field, and navigating your way to leadership positions to increase your earning and gain exposure. 


Online degrees have evolved so much ever since the global pandemic and continue to gain traction around the world. When it comes to nursing education, it is no longer a challenge to enroll in the best schools and receive top-quality education. 

Moreover, it opens new career opportunities in rapidly advancing healthcare fields. It also allows flexibility and convenience to navigate your study and work schedule on your terms. You can receive high-quality education from anywhere in the world, removing barriers to education and advancement.