QUES 1. The main product of glycolysis under aerobic conditions is

QUES 2. The protein moiety of an enzyme is known as

QUES 3. Yeast extract is an excellent source of

QUES 4. Example of anaerobic medium

QUES 5. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of:

QUES 6. An example of competitive inhibition of an enzyme is the inhibition of

QUES 7. The following organisms have been proposed as sources of single cell protein

QUES 8. Nitrites are oxidized to nitrates by a microorganism

QUES 9. The major constituents in agar are

QUES 10. Multiple antibiotic resistance is mediated by

QUES 11. The first phase of a growth curve is

QUES 12. In gram positive and gram negative bacteria the electron transport contains

QUES 13. Growth in a closed system, affected by nutrient limitation and waste product accumulation is called

QUES 14. Cells are active and synthesizing new protoplasm. This stage of growth is called

QUES 15. Which one of the following mineral elements play an important role in biological nitrogen fixation

QUES 16. Bacteria which Strictly need oxygen for growth are called

QUES 17. The ion that is required in trace amounts for the growth of bacteria is

QUES 18. The most important vitamin for the growth of bacteria is

QUES 19. If the source of energy for bacteria is from chemical compounds they are said to be

QUES 20. In the synthesis of cell components the major element required is

QUES 21. Phosphorous is an essential component of

QUES 22. The orderly increase in the quantity of all the cellular components is known as

QUES 23. The most common mode of cell division in bacteria is

QUES 24. The organisms which can grow best in the presence of a low concentration of oxygen

QUES 25. Growth curve does not include following phases of bacteria –


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