QUES 1. The principle light- trapping pigment molecule in plants, Algae, and cyanobacteria is

QUES 2. According to Pasteur statements which one of the following is true

QUES 3. Who demonstrated that open tubes of broth remained free of bacteria when air was free of dust.

QUES 4. Reverse isolation would be appropriate for

QUES 5. Who provide the evidence that bacteriophage nucleic acid but not protein enters the host cell during infection

QUES 6. Spirulina belongs to

QUES 7. The first antibody to contact invading microorganisms was

QUES 8. The light emitted by luminescent bacteria is mediated by the enzyme

QUES 9. Pick out the vector using in human Genome project

QUES 10. Salt and sugar preserve foods because they

QUES 11. Fixation of atmospheric nitrogen is by means of

QUES 12. Which one of the following fungi is the most serious threat in a bone marrow transplant unit?

QUES 13. The image obtained in a compound microscope is

QUES 14. Enzymes responsible for alcoholic fermentation

QUES 15. Which type of spores are produced sexually?

QUES 16. Father of microbiology is

QUES 17. The antiseptic method was first demonstrated by

QUES 18. Small pox vaccine was first discovered by

QUES 19. Compound microscope was discovered by

QUES 20. Father of Medical Microbiology is

QUES 21. Disease that affects many people at different countries is termed as

QUES 22. Prophylaxis of cholera is

QUES 23. Antiseptic methods were first introduced by

QUES 24. Tuberculosis is a

QUES 25. Reduction of virulence is known as


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