Basics of Industrial Microbiology | Quiz 2 | Medical Quiz | Microbiology quiz


Ques. Industrially important Antibiotic producing organisms shall be isolated by

Ques. Industrial alcohol will be produced by using starter culture

Ques. Pyruvate decarboxylase acetaldehyde + CO2 = This reaction is specially observed in

Ques. The pyruvate, dehydrogenase → Multienzyme complex does not occur in

Ques. A major Ingredient of penicillin production media is

Ques. One of the standard cloning vector widely used in gene cloning is

Ques. In the industrial production of streptomycin, the secondary metabolite or byproducts is

Ques. By-product of Acetone-Butanol fermentation include

Ques. Penicillin is commercially produced by

Ques. The most commonly used microorganism in alcohol fermentation is


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