4 supporting ways to help your partner navigate work stress!

A relationship should be a safe space for both parties involved. One should feel comfortable in their lover’s presence, wherein one can leave behind all their worries. And isn’t that what everyone tries to do in their hectic everyday life by returning home to their peaceful sanctuary called home and loving partner?

While some of us can switch off our minds past our office hours and have learned to strike that work-life balance perfectly, some people still struggle with this. This not only affects the person on an individual level but also impacts their relationships, especially their love life. After all, stressful times require consistent support from your partner, which can be difficult for many to navigate.  

Seeing your partner in stress is not a pleasant feeling. And if your partner deals with work stress due to irregular working hours, a bad working environment, or any other reason, you would want to help them in ways you can. In such a situation, someone might naturally want to make their wife feel better with some sweet gestures, and they may look for flowers or gifts for girls online and nearby. Similarly, someone else might search for some stress-relieving activities near them to make their husband feel better. But, the support you need to give them goes beyond this.

Hence, we have some essential tips for you! Keep reading if you are looking for ways to better cater to your lover’s stress-related situation. 

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Be a good listener

It can be difficult to wholeheartedly listen to your partner talking about their workday, especially when things need to be done around the house. You may be tired from work yourself, or you may need to cook dinner, or you may need to get the kids sorted for bedtime; many things can stop you from being an active listener to your troubled lover. And your partner can definitely sense this, leading to a situation where they have a lot of emotions bottled up inside. Try and give your better half your undivided attention, and don’t add to their frustration by giving dismissive responses. Take out a few minutes and let your partner feel heard. It will not only help your partner with relieving stress by talking but will also help you gauge their state. 

Add to the conversation

After listening to what your partner has to say, chime in with some supportive comments. Engage with them rather than just sitting in the corner, as a conversation will only feel like one when everyone is contributing something. Rather than saying generic things like ‘Oh, I understand’, ‘What a bummer’, ‘It’s Okay’, etc., be more specific with your comments. You shouldn’t skip this part and directly jump to giving solutions or getting them presents. Getting an online gift delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, or wherever you live will not solve the core issue. Try and put yourself in their position and understand that along with listening and gestures, one also wants to feel reaffirmed through words. And in this case, when your partner is dealing with issues at work, your words will serve as the assurance they need. After you have added something to the talk and your spouse has said whatever they wanted, you can definitely put forward some suggestions or plan something for them. Just give them the space to express their discomfort.  

Follow up with them & observe

After the conversation ends and you both have returned to your busy life, follow up with your partner regarding their feelings. Are they still feeling frustrated, angry or insecure? Or have they moved on? At this point, it is important to note that being the outside perspective, you can observe a pattern in your lover that they might miss on their own. You can better see whether the work stress is a one-time thing due to a bad day or they are not enjoying their work. Accordingly, you can advise them regarding their career if a transition seems like a better option judging their emotional status.

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Participate in activities together

Another great way of supporting your better half is taking charge and planning activities that you both like. Obviously, you would need to consider their state before executing the plans, as it shouldn’t be forced. You can go to the park, plan a short trip, go to the amusement park, play some sports, and more. The point is that doing things together will take your partner’s mind off the things causing stress, and you both get to unwind in each other’s company.  

These are the tips that you could keep in mind to console and support your partner effectively when they feel stressed next time. Just remember to provide them with a relaxing environment, especially when they feel beaten down by the world.