Foods Dengue Patients Should Eat and Avoid

Monsoon is the time when dengue hits numerous people in different parts of the globe. However, it is being observed that currently, dengue has no particular season.

It can affect an individual anytime and anywhere. Several people have been affected by this deadly malady and, most of the times; the symptoms of the disease cannot be easily identified.

Dengue is caused by the Aedes mosquito and the symptoms are normally headache, rashes on the body, high fever, and joint pain.

Once affected with dengue, the condition keeps worsening. However, certain foods can be taken as well as avoided to fight the symptoms associated with dengue. 

Have papaya leaves

It has been discovered that papaya leaves are responsible for fighting this deadly disease.

Papaya leaves can help in increasing the platelet count, which is responsible for falling dangerously in dengue patients.

It is suggested that the leaves are consumed in the form of juice. You can also consume papaya juice along with honey and black pepper to regain the lost strength of the body.

Consume a mixture of herbs

Several health practitioners recommend that dengue patients consume a mixture of important herbs, which include ashwagandha, tulsi, giloy, aloe vera, and ginger.

These herbs can protect your body and also control the disease from spreading. To increase your vitamin C intake, you need to consume amla as well. 

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Pomegranate is loaded with nutrients and the necessary minerals, which can instantly give an energy rush to your body.

Pomegranates play an important role in taking care of tiredness and fatigue, which are experienced mostly by dengue patients.

Pomegranates are also rich sources of iron, which helps in maintaining the platelet count as well. 

Drink coconut water

One symptom associated with dengue is undoubtedly dehydration, as stated by

This is why it is suggested that you drink coconut water almost regularly. Coconut water contains essential nutrients and is packed with electrolytes.

It is also suggested that you drink ginger water, as it can help in fighting nausea, which is a common symptom of dengue. 


Turmeric is not just an antiseptic but it is also a great metabolism booster. This is why most of the doctors suggest that you consume turmeric with milk. This will help your body to recover faster. 


Fenugreek, whose common name is methi, is responsible for inducing sleep and also acts as a tranquilizer, which helps in taking care of pain. It can stabilize your fever and make you feel better. 

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Foods to avoid

The road to recovering from dengue is not going to be easy.

Indeed, you do not have to go through any dietary restrictions but you need to make sure that you are not consuming anything spicy and oily.

Also, eat only those foods that can be digested easily. 


Dengue can be deadly and hence, you need to protect yourself. Make sure that you are staying away from mosquito prone areas to avoid this disease. 

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