CBD Oil For Lowering High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the most common health problems people deal with today.

It’s also one of the top reasons for heart, attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome.

And, although there are medications for lowering high blood pressure, not all of them can actually help.

In fact, people who have high blood pressure have to take several pills in order to lower it.

Taking 2 or 3 different medications can damage the stomach and the intestinal system.

That can lead to problems such as diarrhea and metabolic disbalance.

In order to avoid that, people look for alternative medications to help them with high blood pressure.

And, they’ve found that CBD oil is a natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Being aware of its health benefits of CBD, people started to take it as drops, vape it through a  dry herb vaporizer, or eat it as gummies.

High Blood Pressure And Heart Health

There are two types of high blood pressure:

  • Primary – Primary high blood pressure develops without having a known cause. Therefore, it’s hard to identify. It progresses over time.
  • Secondary – Secondary high blood pressure is a result of another health condition, such as sleep apnea, kidney problems, thyroid problems, narcotics, and some medications.

If high blood pressure isn’t treated properly, it can lead to many unwanted health problems.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), high blood pressure was a primary cause of death in more than 360 000 people in 2013.

Moreover, it puts you at risk for stroke, heart attack, chronic heart failure, and kidney disease.

How Can CBD Oil Help Lower High Blood Pressure?

As studies have shown, CBD oil may help with high blood pressure. According to a recent study, in which 9 healthy men were given CBD oil, the oil reduced the normal blood pressure.

Moreover, those men were given a stress test which usually increases blood pressure.

But, in this case, their blood pressure didn’t increase much (as it usually does).

The researchers believe that the stress and anxiety-relieving properties of CBD oil lower the high blood pressure.

Another reason why CBD oil helps in lowering high blood pressure is that it’s a natural vasodilator.

Hence, it ensures your blood flows smoothly through the organs and the entire circulatory system.

Moreover, it can help reduce the negative consequences of the blood vessels affected by high blood pressure.

Namely, high blood pressure can weaken and damage the blood vessels in the brain.

It can also cause blood clots in the arteries, thus blocking the blood flow. Both of these problems can lead to a stroke.

However, it has to be mentioned that although studies have found that a single dose of CBD can lower high blood pressure, more research has to be carried out in order to find out if it helps in treating chronic high blood pressure.

Why Should You Use It?

CBD oil can be used without a reason, as a dietary supplement. It should especially be used when there is a health reason, such as high blood pressure.

It’s because not only it lowers your blood pressure but also prevents it from developing.

Here are three reasons you should use CBD oil for high blood pressure.

1.) It has stress and anxiety-reducing properties

Stress and anxiety are very common problems among people today. They are both, causes and results of high blood pressure.

Therefore, you can use CBD oil when healthy to prevent the development of high blood pressure.

You can also use it to help lower your blood pressure, which is a result of its stress and anxiety-reducing properties.

Moreover, you can use CBD for anxiety to reduce stress and anxiety because it controls your heart rate and keeps you calm.

2.) Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties

CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Therefore, it can reduce the inflammation caused by high blood pressure by eliminating the swellings of your body parts.

Moreover, it can relieve pain by eliminating the inflammation, altering the work of the endocannabinoid system, and interacting with neurotransmitters.

3.) As a natural remedy

The medications given to lower high blood pressure have many side effects.

However, if used for a long time, they can negatively affect your overall health. CBD oil, on the other hand, is a natural remedy.

That means that it doesn’t damage your body or harm your health even if used for a longer period of time.

As you can see, CBD oil is very beneficial when it comes to high blood pressure.

Namely, it can protect your blood vessels from getting damaged and ensure your blood flows properly throughout the body.

Moreover, it can lower and prevent high blood pressure due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.


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