Why Edibles Affect Differently Than Smoking Marijuana?

Most inexperienced people often do not understand the difference between smoking marijuana and eating it. However, ask any of the regular users, and they will tell you how the experience that each of these two offers are different from each other. Most of them order weed candy online in UK expecting that it would offer them the same type of results.

However, in the end, they found out that the experience of eating marijuana products and smoking them is heaven and hell different. If you are a marijuana aficionado and want to enjoy the edible marijuana as well as the smoking one, you should know the below information about them. Check it out.


Eating and smoking marijuana does the same thing to your body. It introduces marijuana in your system. The problem is, as the consumption style of these two products are different, the effect that your body experiences gets different as well.

When you smoke marijuana, you inhale the cannabinoids directly in your lungs before it shows its effects anywhere else. When you eat the marijuana products, it goes straight to your stomach where it gets absorbed in your bloodstream and goes to the liver. There the cannabinoids get metabolized and then it is distributed to the rest of the organs of your body.

Even though smoking introduces more amounts of cannabinoids than the edibles products, the effect of the edibles spreads throughout the body and lasts longer as well.

Delayed Reaction

When someone smokes marijuana, the effect of the cannabinoids starts to kick in pretty fast. However, if you order weed candy online in the UK and consume it, be ready for delayed onset of the reactions. Most of the time, it takes about three to four hours after eating the cannabinoid products to feel the difference.

Even though most people think that edible products, like a brownie, should hit them hard immediately, the reality cannot be far from that. That is what pushes most users to eat more products than their bodies can handle.

Overdosing the cannabinoids can generate an extremely difficult condition for your body. The user might feel that they are dieting or on the verge of a heart attack. They can also experience the symptoms of a panic attack or feel that they can’t breathe no matter how hard they try.

While it is not possible to die from a marijuana overdose, the psychological impact that the users feel can be quite bad. After a certain dose, the more edibles you consume, the more side effects you will experience. Most of the time, people consume edibles to relax and have a good time. However, overdosing can give them anything but that. So, be aware of the things you are eating and make sure you know the amount that you should consume before doing anything else.

Less Control

It is almost impossible to gauge the amount of marijuana one is consuming while having the edibles. Even though you can’t count the amount in marijuana while smoking, you can keep track of the hits you have taken.

Most people eat the entire edible at the same time. It is almost impossible to piecemeal it. If you have not cooked the edible yourself, it is almost impossible for you to determine if the amount of marijuana in the food product is more than what your body can handle.

The best way to control this is to order weed candy online in the UK which contains CBD and THC in the same proportions. While CBD helps your body to relax, the THC offers hallucinations.

Poor Pacing

Eagerness is another factor that you should be aware of before trying edibles. For most of the users, smoking is often a means to an end. If the users do not get a high after smoking marijuana, they will probably not continue it.

The edibles, on the other hand, taste good, and people can have the whole dish of marijuana-infused brownies without giving it a second thought. The psychoactive impact that occurs after hours of eating the brownies can be quite disturbing.

It is entirely possible to have a good time even after consuming edibles. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while placing order weed candy online in the UK, is that you have to go slow. Instead of eating the whole in a few bites, try to graze on the edible for hours. Once you find yourself noticeably high, you should stop eating and enjoy the lengthy high that the edibles create for you.

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