Types of showering and toilet aid for elderly people

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There are several aids available nowadays to make showering and toileting comfortable and safe. While preparing these equipments, the person’s dignity is kept in mind. There are various aids present in the market to tackle challenging situations in people’s lives with functionalities equipped with modern technologies. The recommended shower and over toilet aids can be most helpful.

Types of aids available for shower and toilet

Anti-slip bathtub coating

Slippery floors can become dangerous for everyone, especially for older adults. To overcome the problem, anti-slip bathtub coating is done. It works better than stick-on products.

Safety grab bar locks on the side of the tub

This bar supports the side of the bathtub to give a person an extra handhold when stepping in and out of the tub. Its installation needs nothing, and rubber pads are attached to prevent it from damaging the tub’s surface.

Toilet safety frame with arms

This toilet aid acts as a helpful guide and support for using the toilet. The most significant advantage is that it can be adjustable to accommodate a bathroom at different heights and widths. This will take care of elderly people and they’ll have a safer bathroom experience.

Handheld shower head

Handheld shower heads enable a person to use them in any position, whatever is comfortable.

Gripping tape

This tape comes with a fantastic grip and is perfect for gripping bars and other items if needed, which can support people who have a loose grip in their hand or when the hand is oily and wet.

Bathroom grab bars of varying lengths

The wall-mounted grab bars come in various lengths and can be installed according to needs. It helps provide support and prevents slips and falls when using the shower or toilet.

Automatic plug-in LED night light

Automatic LED night lights can help people to see their paths without any chance of falling. It is one of the most recommended shower and toilet tools and is primarily available with utmost ease.

Raised toilet seat with arms

The raised toilet seat with arms is easy to fix and helps people sit down and get up from the toilet. It prevents falling and enables people to do things without any support from another person.

Heavy-duty sliding transfer bench and shower chair

A sliding transfer bench allows older adults to get into the standard bathtub with little effort. It is helpful for people and has a cutout that allows it to wash private parts while seated.

Floor-to-ceiling grab bar

Floor-to-ceiling bars are handy because they can be installed temporarily in any place and when needed.


Showering and toilet aid for elderly people gives them a safe & comfortable bathroom experience. The aids mentioned are gaining popularity exponentially due to their extensive usage and value to the life of older adults and families, and caretakers. Some more shower and toilet equipment are stools and chairs, mobile shower commodes, bed pans, urine bottles, etc. This help boosts older adults’ confidence because people can enjoy their privacy. Many of these aids are customisable and more functionalities can be added to make them more secure and user-friendly.