The Best Ways to Consume Kratom for Maximum Effect

Kratom, the evergreen tree in Southeast Asia, has been in use for thousands of years, mainly for medical purposes.

The plant is a popular medicinal alternative, as it offers the consumer many benefits.

For the uninitiated, Kratom comes in different forms, from powder to the raw leaves of the tree.

However, with its medical benefits also comes a solid fact.

As remarkable Kratom might work to help the person with many medical issues, its taste is, without a doubt, awful.

Hence, those looking to buy Kratom in Canada should be aware that they might feel bad after consuming the powder or solid form.

Before we share with you the best ways to consume Kratom, it is necessary to know that Kratom is available in different types. Some of these are consumable while they are best left alone.

The consumable forms of Kratom include fresh and dry leaves of the plant, powder, paste, capsules, and pellets.

Coming back to the question of consuming Kratom, let us understand what methods are available.

The Best Ways to Consume Kratom

There are three ways to consume Kratom

1.) Direct Ingestion

When it comes to the direct ingestion of the Kratom, then you have three options.

  • Chewing the leaves of the plant: Those living in Southeast Asian countries often consume Kratom in the form of its fresh leaves. One needs to remove the central vein of the leaf. However, remember the dried leaf has a rough texture and less enjoyable when consumed via chewing.
  • Swallowing it in the powdered form: The easiest way to consume Kratom is in its powdered form. You need to put the right amount of powder into the mouth and then drink some water. Do not consume it directly, but mix both inside the mouth. It is known as the toss and washes method.
  • Kratom capsules: If you are looking to enjoy Kratom in Canada, then it is also available in capsule form. You can take these with water or any other liquid. The effects can take up to 30 minutes to occur.

Let us understand the second method of taking Kratom products.

2.) Mixing With Food

  • Try dissolving the Kratom product in water: You can easily add the Kratom powder to water and dissolve it. One can also add the same to water, juice, tea, milk, and hot chocolate. If consuming in powder form, then you can also mix it with a smoothie.
  • Add Kratom product to a suitable food item: You can easily combine the Kratom in its powdered form with various food items. These can include spreading it on bread with honey, mixing it with oatmeal, pudding, applesauce, or yogurt and baking it into cookies or cakes.

We recommend you remember these guidelines when looking for Kratom in Canada for an unpleasant experience.

Lastly, we shall look at the third method for consuming Kratom.

Consuming Kratom Leaves

  • Smoking the Kratom leaves: You can also inhale the dried leaves of the Kratom plant. However, one would need to burn a substantial amount to feel the effects.
  • Drinking tea made from its leaves: Drinking it as tea is the most preferred method of consuming Kratom. You can also combine it with lemon juice or sweeteners.


When you are looking to buy Kratom in Canada, pay attention to the method of consumption of the product.

Some individuals can easily digest the powdered form, while others are more comfortable with smoking leaves.

You might not be as comfortable with ingesting the leaves, as with drinking it in the form of tea.

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