Moving ahead of your Past Guilt

Many people will experience guilt from time to time, but it is important to address it when you can, so these feelings don’t take over your whole life. You must forgive yourself when you think you have done something wrong or hurt another person. Keep reading for more advice on moving past guilt. 

Apologize When You Can 

If you are feeling bad about how you treated someone or your actions towards them, do what you can to apologize to them. While you can’t make them accept your apology, you will know that you tried to make it right. You must be sure that you are being sincere when you interact with this person, however. When you are, they may be willing to forgive you. 

Forgive Yourself

You also have to forgive yourself. When you do something wrong, you may be harder on yourself than others are, but this could be an aspect of your personality that you must address. It might not be necessary to be upset with yourself for a long time when the action you committed wasn’t serious. 

Take the time to forgive yourself, no matter what you have done, so you aren’t at risk for a mental health concern. At times, when an individual is experiencing guilt, they may only think negative thoughts about themselves, which is not good for self-worth or self-esteem. 

When you experience guilt, this can be something that helps you grow as a person. It may prevent you from doing something similar to what caused you to feel guilty in the first place and allow you to improve your behaviour overall. Keep that in mind when you are having a hard time forgiving yourself. 

Write Things Down

You may also be able to forgive yourself and lessen your guilt if you start to write things down. When you are able to keep a journal, this will allow your thoughts to be on paper, where they may have less of an impact on you. They may no longer be plaguing your mind. 

You can write down whatever you want, such as your thoughts, or simply keep a journal of everything that happens to you. Taking the time to write things down may allow you to feel grateful for what you have accomplished, as well as your life. 

Work With a Therapist

When you are experiencing difficulty forgiving yourself and don’t know what to do about your guilt, it may be necessary to work with a therapist. They should be able to offer you additional advice on how to move past guilt, and they could also help you understand if you are being too hard on yourself. 

A therapist is a neutral person that you can speak with about whatever is bothering you, and they will likely have actionable advice to follow. You can also ask them more about journaling or other techniques you are attempting to utilize. 

To learn additional information about guilt, check out this page. There is information on how therapy may have an effect. 


When you are feeling guilty, you may have a hard time moving past it. This doesn’t mean that you will be unable to, however. You can take the time to apologize to anyone you have hurt, forgive yourself, and work with a therapist. These tips may help you feel less guilt when you give them a chance.

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