How to be more energetic in the morning?

A glass of water at the beginning of the day is the best way to start your day that will help restore fluid imbalance after 6-8 hours of sleep.

The feeling of lethargy in the morning is often due to dehydration. You can also start the day in the sunlight.

The light of the sun is a great substitute for coffee Natural light in the morning is the most important component of triggering the circadian rhythm, improve natural beauty, awakening the brain and body for the whole day.

Therefore, you may be surprised to find that in the summer (or sunny winter morning) you do not really need a cup of coffee to stay awake.

However, caffeine-free long winters can be difficult to manage. Apart from above all the best way to become more energetic is to sleep properly.

How to sleep better?

Avoid caffeine. If you have trouble falling asleep, eliminating this ingredient from your diet will be the best strategy.

If it is difficult for you to do without a morning cup of coffee, then make it a rule not to drink this drink at least after dinner.

So you give the body enough time to neutralize the effect of caffeine before bedtime.

Give up tobacco. Whether you prefer smoking, chewing, or snuffing tobacco does not matter. Tobacco use is associated with many-body problems, including quality of sleep.

Use the bedroom for its intended purpose. Does your bedroom contribute to good sleep? Ideal conditions would be a dark, cool and quiet environment.

Do not turn your bedroom into multi-purpose co-working. Eliminate electronics and clutter – this way you eliminate distractions and make the process of falling asleep easier.

Exercises. Exercise has too many benefits to list in the format of this article. If we talk about sleep, then sports will help your body and brain to “switch” at night.

The role of physical exercises only increases with age, because athletic and fit middle-aged people sleep much better than their peers with overweight.

Only one caveat: avoid training two to three hours before bedtime, as physical and mental arousal can activate your nervous system – it will just be harder for you to calm down and fall asleep quickly.

Temperature. Many people fall asleep better in cool rooms. The ideal range in most cases is from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Noise. Silence is a key factor in quality sleep. If you find it difficult to find a quiet and peaceful place, try to control the surrounding sounds by creating a pleasant “background noise” – for example, by turning on the fan. In the end, no one canceled the brushy either.

Alcohol. The most slippery slope. Indeed, a small dose of alcohol helps to fall asleep, but at the same time, you spend less time in the deep phase. This will reduce the quality of sleep, and you will not feel really rested. It is probably best to try other methods.

How to fall asleep?

Keep to a regular schedule. The body loves rituals. The whole circadian rhythm described above, in fact, is one big daily routine. Therefore, you should go to bed and get up at about the same time.

The rule of “low power consumption”. Light from computer screens, televisions, or smartphones can interfere with melatonin production, which means that it will be harder for you to enter the deep phase of sleep.

Therefore, the habit of turning off all equipment an hour or two before bedtime can be of great help. In addition, do not earn late – it will also be difficult for you to fall asleep. Instead, read a book.

This is a great way to simultaneously learn something useful, and smoothly calm the nervous system before bedtime. Or, at least reduce the brightness of the screen on the phone.

Use relaxation techniques. Studies show that in at least 50% of cases, insomnia is a product of emotion or stress.

Find ways to reduce negative emotions in your life – and quickly notice an improvement in sleep quality. Tested methods are breathing techniques, meditation, exercise.

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