Forms of CBD and How They Are Extracted

Most likely, you have heard about CBD products if you have not used them yourself. There is a lot of excitement surrounding CBD after the revelation that it has numerous health benefits.

The most commonly used product is CBD oil, and you can easily get it from health shops and websites. But have you ever wondered how it is extracted from the hemp or marijuana plants?

Such knowledge will not only help you to understand its potency but also to appreciate the benefits it offers.

CBD Extract

Cannabidiol or CBD is a component of cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp that relieves pain for cancer patients and also helps mentally ill people to recover.

It also has many other benefits like promoting sleep and protecting the nervous system.

Just to clear up any doubt, CBD has been proven to have no psychoactive effects in contrast to the THC that is extracted from the same plants.

The two can be separated depending on the method that is used to extract them. CBD mainly comes from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant.

Extraction Using Olive Oil

This is one of the oldest methods, but it is still common especially for home extraction. The first step is to activate the chemicals in the plant using heat.

It is an art that uses specific temperatures for some time to avoid damaging the chemicals. After this, you can add the olive oil and continue heating until the CBD is extracted.

Therefore, the mixture will contain both olive oil and CBD. Most CBD oil is made using this method. If you want to try this at home, you may want to check how to buy hemp flower in online shop.

However, some also grow their own hemp plants to be used for CBD extraction.

CO2 Extraction Method

This is the most preferred method by many industrial companies today. It is advanced, but the results are great as it produces a highly concentrated CBD solution that can be infused in many products like CBD oils, tinctures and skincare products.

There is a downfall because the investors must use a lot of money to set it up. This is why it is typically reserved for industrial use. CO2 extraction is, however, able to separate the chlorophyll. Other methods fail to achieve this.

Using Solvent

There is the option to use one of the many solvent solutions like alcohol, butane or ethanol to dissolve the plant and extract the CBD.

The mixture is not pure because it contains chlorophyll. However, the alcohol evaporates, which leaves behind a more concentrated CBD solution that can be used for many purposes.

However, CBD tinctures are popularly made from this CBD solution.


These are the three main methods that are used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Apart from the expensive CO2 method, the other two are not costly to carry out, but as you can see, they have some drawbacks.

All methods are generally safe and trusted to yield high-quality results.

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