Discover Why You Should Live In A Sober House

After completing rehab, you have to find a safe haven to avoid relapse. Fortunately, you can easily find a sober house in Berkeley for an addiction-free environment to allow the transition to normal life.

Life inside a sober house has various benefits as you are going to discover by the end of this article. Undergoing rehab is one of the steps on the road to normal life. Living in a sober house is the eventual step to normality.

What is a sober house?

This is a drug and alcohol-free community for a transitional living phase for people who have been to rehab for suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

The sober house has rules and regulations everyone should follow. Most significant of all regulations is the need to attend recovery sessions.

Some of the services offered in a sober house include group meetings and in-house counseling to speed up the recovery process. You can stay inside this house for about 30 to 90 days according to professional recommendations.

Why live in a sober home

Recovery from addiction is a tough process. After rehab, there is a chance of relapse when exposed to tempting situations. So, you should consider living in a sober house for the benefits you are about to discover.

The environment in a sober house is free from any drug and alcohol intoxications that might make you relapse. Best of all is the care and support from the staff and other people like you. Consider the follow benefits of living in a sober home.

Easier transition to normality

After leaving residential rehab, you are likely to have apprehension about going back home with the sings of addiction everywhere.

This is an obvious feeling since getting back to your old life might trigger various emotions that might make you relapse.

There is also a chance of losing friends, your home, and family while in rehab. Fortunately, sober living in Berkeley allows a smooth transition to normal life.

A sobriety home offers solace after rehab before getting back to normal life. You get used to creating personal schedules again without always under the watchful eye of the staff and counselors at the rehab facility. This prepares you for the real-life you care to face after your session is over.

Access to peer support

In a sobriety home, everyone has a goal of staying sober. So, it is very easy to stay focused on the new values you obtained during the period in rehab.

Having a support team 24/7 makes it very easy to go through all the recovery stages until you become normal again.

Inside the sober home, your friends and family can visit you to give you support. All this support is very helpful in getting back into normal life again.

Accountability for your sobriety

Apart from living with people who can support you, life in a sober home encourages being accountable for all your actions.

With a zero-tolerance to drugs and alcohol, the chances of relapse are minimized. You are responsible to see that you make the most of your stay in the sober home before you eventually get back into normal living.

Chance to build a sober support network

The other people in the sober home become your life-long support network to fight addiction. Keep in mind that these people might come from various places.

Going through all the emotional turmoil and recovery together creates a bond that will last a lifetime. You can always rely on your support network when you return to normal life but need a shoulder to lean on.

More therapy and support

The ideal sobriety home usually offers therapy sessions to patients. These group meetings and therapy sessions are very important in increasing the chances of lifelong addiction recovery.

This complements the treatment received from the rehab facility. By the time your session in the sober home expires, you are more likely to be a better person than if you just stuck to a rehab facility alone.

How to know you need a sober living home

Life in a sober home comes with various benefits. However, these have varying impacts on every one since their situation is always different.

People who usually suffer from chronic relapse are less likely to stay in a sober home. Anyone found to have relapsed is usually dismissed from the home.

Re-admission requires proof of sobriety and paying another admission fee. If you suffered a lot during active addiction, you need to spend some time in a sober home.

This will give you a transitional period to become more stable before joining normal life again.

In conclusion

Spending some time in a sober home significantly helps in the long-term recovery process from addiction. The most significant benefit is preparing you on how to deal with real-life situations without relapsing.

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