Can Anyone Open a Med Spa in Austin, TX

There have been several debates on this topic now that who can own a medical spa and what technical issues one can face while doing so. However, it is also essential to consider the basics of who can own one.

As every state has a different set of rules, knowing the rules and regulations of opening a med spa in your state will be an important factor to look at.

If you aren’t from the profession of doctors or aesthetic practitioners, then it will be a difficult aim to achieve without having such knowledge. In most states, there is a law where doctors or physician-owned corporations are legal to open a med spa.

Even then, people from non-medical backgrounds can easily approach this med spa practice through experienced management that helps build services or even hire licensed doctors of the related field. So, before owning a med spa, you must go through the legal rules of your state.

In this article, we will look into the discussions and help you find the best solutions if you are looking to open a med spa in Austin, TX.

Qualification required to Open a Medical Spa

As the name suggests, medical spas mainly focus on providing medical treatments. For instance, in most states, medical spas regulate in the same way they offer medical practices, and like another traditional spa salon, there are no usual licensed medical spas. These licenses are provided by medical and healthcare services that work in medical spas. 

The required qualification that enables a person to work in the medical spa is the proper training and qualification of the employed health care workers. These qualifications depend on the state. For instance, it is prohibited in many states that a non-physician cannot own a medical spa even they aren’t allowed to hire physicians, and only a physician can own a medical spa. 

As, it has recently been heard that in Texas, people without a license can own a medical spa by hiring a medical director to fulfill the legal requirements.

Whereas, there are states where a non-physician can open a medical spa along with the cooperation of a physician if the other requirements are met. This way, any person with minimum knowledge of spa practices can own a medical spa with the help of a physician. 

In such states, there are no particular requirements of the professional license by owners to own a spa. However, many other requirements need to be fulfilled.

Medical spa business owners need to apply for a health care clinic license and register the business with the medical board to continue their business. This is how one can continue to own a medical spa in different states.

A Well-Trained Staff is the Essential Requirement of a Med Spa

Medical spas that are famous for their services are those that hire their staff wisely. They have professional staff with prior medical care experiences, as well as skilled in offering a therapeutic touch. Estheticians that work in medical spas are educated with the latest technologies by continuing their practices with dermatologists.

Registered nurses and skilled assistance is the main key to a successful medical spa business. It would be best if you keep in mind that this industry offers many benefits to their staff to maintain a friendly environment and encourage their staff to perform better.

What Treatments Can Be Offered at a Med Spa?

Med spas that are run by physicians provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Chemical peels, facials, and microdermabrasion
  • Fillers and Botox injections
  • Permanent tattoo and makeup removals
  • Austin body contouring
  • Foot treatments and medical pedicure
  • Laser hair removal

Who Can Perform Treatments in Med Spas?

Several physicians do this treatment, and sometimes devices are involved to perform the treatments professionally. Physicians who own the medical spa are in charge of all the measures under medical care. As estheticians are the specialists of skincare therapies, they are only bound to perform skin-related treatment. 

However, other medical treatments can only be done by licensed physicians. Estheticians can only perform non-invasive treatments, such as facial acne treatment, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. They can also do massage, body scrubs, wraps, and many other esthetics.

As discussed above, every state has its laws and regulations regarding medical spas, but a physician must complete all these general medical procedures. On the other hand, other doctors will do all the facial-related treatments, including layers of the skin, injectable treatments, and chemical peels.

Med spas and health care services are highly controlled businesses nationwide. If you are eager to open a med spa, make sure that you have already passed the required agreement along with your management services agreement precisely. It works for non-physicians, health professionals, and entrepreneurs who work with them in their business. 

Make yourself ready for much higher legal fees if you plan to open a med spa with legal conditions, as this business costs more than other businesses. By creating an MSO, you might need a budget of $12,000 to $15,000 in terms of legal fees.

Medical Spa Laws in Austin, Texas

In recent years, there has been a slight increase in actions taken against unauthorized service providers or even professional licensed physicians who fail to perform successful services.

Therefore, the Texas medical board has established a rule that requires licensed physicians who perform procedures for anesthesia services to be provided in a casual setting to register with the TMB.

Although, the TMB registration requirement mainly disturbs outpatient surgeries that are performed at licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center in Texas. This rule will also cover any casual surgeries that require anesthesia services completed in a medical spa.

This concludes our article, and we hope it helps you understand who can or can’t open a med spa in Austin, Texas. Even if you are eligible for doing so, you need to understand that opening a med spa is a major responsibility and requires a significant amount of time and money. Therefore, you have to know everything about the topic before you decide to open one.