Best Traits To Look For When Hiring A Personal Trainer 

Personal trainers are highly skilled in terms of helping people to get fit.

It is quicker to see results when there is someone accountable for your progress than working out alone.

Hence, fitness coaches can be everywhere and there are many things to consider when choosing one.

With the help of mobile apps like WeStrive, you can easily see what exercises are performing each day and then track results over time!

This post walks you through the possible traits of a good personal trainer to hire.

Pay attention to selecting the best person who can help you in gaining back confidence. 

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Below is a rundown of traits you should look for in a personal trainer:


Creating a training plan would be easier for a personal trainer who has enough knowledge. However, it takes time and effort to achieve a good exercise plan and goals. 

Many fitness coaches undergo training to better understand the basics. It includes proper exercises and a diet that can be suitable for their future clients.

In order to be qualified, personal trainers must finish CPD courses to gain more knowledge about fitness.

It makes them more aware of what exercise routine works for specific clients and what to avoid. 


Personal trainers may encounter clients that require extra patience.

Apart from dealing with the client’s physical health, you will also face a change of behaviour throughout the training process.

Some clients would feel unmotivated from time to time, wherein a personal trainer must do something to keep them active and goal-oriented.

Personal trainers will also encounter different ages and personalities, wherein it demands a lot of patience.

It can be hard to figure out the right workout routines for each client. Some clients may not even stick to the plan and then will blame the trainer if there is no progress.

Therefore, a personal trainer must take time to create appropriate plans that would work for clients consistently. 

Has Better Communication Skills

Whether you are introverted or an outgoing person, it does not matter if you want to be a fitness coach.

However, it requires good communication skills to interact with the clients effectively.

It could be face-to-face or via smart devices depending on the client’s choice. 

To mention a few topics to talk about include knowing the goals of the client, giving instructions, and even follow-up calls.

It also helps to find prospective clients and develop a good relationship with the trainees. 

Can Solve Problems Immediately 

Fitness planning requires flexibility in case of unexpected events, such as a client cancelling the training session.

This will impact the trainer’s income and would waste an entire day. 

Having an alternative plan on that day is necessary to still encourage the client to exercise.

Perhaps it has a busy schedule, and thus a trainer should find ways for the client not to miss the session. 

Working with a new client is not a good idea, but fixing your schedule ahead of time might help.

It could be rearranging the client’s session according to its availability. 

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A friendly environment is essential for fitness programs.

It can also attract new clients because of the way personal trainers deal with the existing clients.

They are easy to approach whenever clients have questions in mind.

It brings comfort for clients to ask something and not feel demotivated along the process. 

This also reflects professionalism to gain customers’ trust right away.

A trainer could chitchat with the clients but must know its priorities which are to guide them.

If possible, do not touch a phone during training to focus on the client’s needs. 

Sticks on the Schedule 

Being aware of the time is another trait a personal trainer must portray.

It should arrive in the gym earlier than the client to prepare the equipment and is also a sign of professionalism.

Not being able to attend the earlier sessions on time will impact the next sessions which could upset clients. 

The best solution is to organize everything to better manage your time, especially if you are self-employed.

Make every hour count to avoid any struggles along the way.

It has to keep clients happy and satisfied with the services you offer in a day. 


Being a fitness trainer will demand passion to deliver the best possible results.

You should love all things about fitness and a healthy diet to become a good personal trainer.

It always starts from within to stay motivated at all times. 

As a result, a trainer will put the effort into dealing with the clients, even those impatient ones.

The job functions beyond just a source of income when you love what you are doing.

Then, making a lot of money is possible with this kind of job, as many people desire to look fit.

Lots of trainers are not reliable teachers but finding one that can teach gently is a plus. 

Has a Positive Attitude 

Positivity is contagious even in the fitness industry. It could be hard to foresee good results without a positive attitude.

Additionally, it should begin with the trainer so that clients will be encouraged to reach their goals. It also sets the mood in the gym when the people around are doing great without any signs of negativity.

Final Thoughts

Bentleigh East personal training can offer all the traits above to assist clients the better way. It is made of fitness leaders that are both knowledgeable and skilled whom you can count on. Fitness training would be fun with a group of people having the same goal as yours. Contact the staff to fix your training schedule and to know their other featured services.