All you need to know about a fall detection watch

Getting older and not being quite as fit and agile anymore is an unfortunate fact of life. Reflexes and strength disappear over time, leaving bodies a little more vulnerable. While it’s easy to ignore and put a brave face on things, it can nag away at the back of the mind, not only to the person involved but to their friends and relatives.

It can make things awkward. Nobody wants to be seen to be interfering in a way that affects someone’s pride and dignity and anyone who is struggling in any way is unlikely to want to lose their independence. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution waiting for those who check out and make a purchase that can improve the quality of life and provide peace of mind to those with concern.

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A fall detection watch does exactly what the title suggests. It detects and offers an alert whenever anyone has a fall, but how does it work and what are the benefits?

  • The healthcare service that supplies the watch are on hand whenever a user presses the SOS button on it so that it activates and connects them to someone waiting in the 24/7 Customer Care Centre who are waiting to assist. The watch is designed to detect a fall, which will then automatically carry out the same procedure so that timely assistance can be provided.
  • Sometimes the SOS button can be pressed accidentally, but that’s not a problem, as pressing it again cancels the call. The watches are fitted with the latest technology GPS so that a person’s location is immediately recognised so that help can soon be on its way. Wearers of the watch may like to learn about the difference between warts and moles in case they have any concerns.
  • The watch also carries out the function of any normal timepiece along with its sophisticated features that can help save someone’s life, adding a layer of security and convenience to an everyday existence. Having someone within easy reach retains independence so that the user doesn’t feel a burden asking others to accompany them. Loved ones can get about their daily existence without having to check-in. The two-way system integrated into the watch means even if the wearer wants a comforting word, there will be a friendly and professional voice on the other end.
  • A geo-fence alert can be set up, which means that if the wearer goes beyond any set zones or boundaries, the alarm will be activated. Those with cognitive impairments will immediately be safer when wearing the watch. A local family day out together will also be more relaxed.
  • The watch is water resistant, has an alarm clock and find me system, and a step counter along with a heart monitor meaning it’s fun to wear. It’s ideal for the elderly, as well as those with chronic conditions while providing security to anyone feeling vulnerable.

Wearing the latest-designed fall detection watch provides peace of mind and allows wearers to enjoy independent and happy lives.