Advantages of Using Cannabis Oil for Lung Cancer

In the United States, lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer. Every year, more than 225000 people get diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States alone. Generally, chemotherapy and other targeted therapy is the most common treatment of lung cancer. However, the researchers of modern times are trying to find out methods for using the cannabis oil for cancer treatment.

Already several small studies have indicated that cannabis oil can put a stop to the growth of cancer. However, the researchers are yet to find some solid proof about this claim.

Meanwhile, in some countries, like Canada, Cannabis oil is already being used for reducing the symptoms, pains, and side effects of patients suffering from lung cancer.

If you are confused about the efficacy of cannabis oil in the treatment of lung cancer, you should check out the following section of this article. Here, we have talked about different aspects of cannabis oil which can help you to understand the relationship of cannabis oil for cancer treatment better.

Are All Cannabis Oil The Same?

Before reading anything about cannabis oil, you should know that there are different types of CBD oils available in the market. The hemp plants and cannabis plants contain different types of cannabinoids. As the chemical compounds of the contents of these plants vary, it can also change the positive effects on the patients.

THC and CBD are the common cannabinoids that both of these plants contain. While THC causes the hallucinations that most people associate with cannabis, it is the CBD part that is used as an oil for treating the patients suffering from cancer.

Different Types of Cannabis Oil

  • CBD Oil: CBD oil is one of the non-psychoactive products that can be produced from cannabis plants. As this oil does not contain any THC, it would not cause any hallucinations. This oil is often used to reduce the pain, anxiety, and other side effects of chemotherapy. Nowadays researchers are also considering cannabis oil for cancer treatment.
  • Hemp-derived Oils: Hemp plant is very similar to the cannabis plant but it does not contain any THC. The quality of CBD that the hemp plants contain is also considered subpar. However, if you live in a country that has not legalized cannabis yet, you can use hemp oil for medicinal purposes.
  • Marijuana Derived Oil: Cannabis oil that is extracted from the dried out leaves and buds of the cannabis plant is known as marijuana oil. This oil contains a higher THC level. This means this oil has psychoactive effects.
  • Rick Simpson Oil: This oil has a higher THC content with almost no CBD.

While choosing cannabis oil for yourself, you should take a look at the label to know the ratio of THC and CBD in the oil.

Can Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?

There is no definitive answer yet. However, over the last couple of decades, experts have been able to find out some positive answers. Take a study conducted in 1975 for example. That study showed that the combination of THC and another cannabinoid named cannabinol slowed down the lung cancer growth in mice.

In the recent time, a 2014 study showed that CBD and THC enabled the prime cancerous cells to respond better to radiation therapy. However, this study was conducted on the cells and not on humans or animals.

Another study that had been conducted in 2019 talks about a person with lung cancer who had declined all the traditional methods of treatment and chose the CBD treatment instead. The study showed that the tumor of this patient responded to CBD oil treatment.

However, this is not a study that involved clinical trials on humans to know about the efficacy and safety of the element. There might be hundreds of different other factors that created positive results for that particular person. Also, these small scale studies have not been replicated in any of the large scale studies yet.

Cannabis oil for cancer treatment demands the time and attention of the researchers to determine whether it has the potential for curing cancer. Large scaled long-term studies are also required to know whether cannabis oil is effective and how the health care professionals can administer it on humans effectively and safely. However, cannabis oil can alleviate some of the symptoms of cancer and reduce the side effects as well. However, you should not stop following the treatment plan created by healthcare providers without consulting with them first.

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