A Guide to Creating a Home Gym

We are in the middle of a global trend for physical fitness and you only need to look at the many gyms we see in most countries to see that this trend is going to be with us for a long time. This growing fashion for fit, lean bodies has also led to more people have a gym at home, which is the ultimate for keep-fit fanatics and if you are thinking about doing just that, here are some of the pieces of equipment that you will need.

  • Dumbbells & barbell – Two dumbbells and a single bar with adequate free weights;4-5x10kg weights, 4x5kg and some 2.5kg weights complete the set. There are so many exercises that use a pair of dumbbells, plus the barbell is great for leg day and shoulder muscle build up. When looking to invest in sport fitness equipment, you need to contact a leading supplier that stocks the best brands.
  • Treadmill – A treadmill is a must have for stamina development; why jog in the rain when you can wear your air pods and get down to your favorite tunes. But don’t forget to use your orthotics to reduce the risk of injury. Just click on this link and get your orthotics for comfort. State-of-the-art treadmills can be used for sprint and marathon sessions, with many powerful features including adjustable speed and slope options.
  • 5 station muscle developer – With one of these in your gym, you have all the muscle building you need. The stations include high and low pulley weight training; the high pulley systems build arm and shoulder muscle, while the low pulley section develops calf and thigh muscles. This equipment also develops abdomen muscles. Click here for information about how to deal with bone fractures.
  • Kettlebell weights – Good for legs, back, upper arms, neck & abs, a single handle that weighs about 4kg, with weights that you can add. The Internet hosts a wealth of information regarding weight training and fitness, while YouTube has many body-building videos that show you excellent routines that really work.

Gym décor

Of course, your home gym needs to look and feel like a gym; mirrors should be everywhere and a few posters of your favourite MMA fighters makes for the perfect gym décor. The room needs to have lots of light and an ambience that is conducive to working out.

Spare room or garage?

Most people either choose their spare room or the garage for their gym, as these are usually vacant. Of course, it all depends on the space you have; some people who live in a studio apartment utilise a corner of their living space. It is possible to hide your gym equipment with a few alterations; free weights can be stashed away and your treadmill can be stored under the bed.

Free gym planning service

When you make contact with a gym equipment supplier, you can take advantage of their free gym design service; have your space designed by professionals and when you purchase your gym equipment, the design service is free. If you would like to learn more about this free service, start by searching with Google to find a local supplier and see what they have to offer. We should all take our health & well-being seriously and that involves maintaining a high level of fitness.