QUES 1. Risk factors that predispose to leukemia include all EXCEPT

QUES 2. The syndrome which has an increased predisposition for leukemia is

QUES 3. The following is NOT a feature of blast cells observed in leukemias

QUES 4. The Cytochemical stain which distinguishes Myeloblast from Lymphoblast is

QUES 5. The cytochemical stain which shows block positivity in lymphoblast is

QUES 6. The monoclonal antibodies which show positivity in AML is

QUES 7. The monoclonal antibodies which show positivity in B-lineage ALL is

QUES 8. The following is NOT a common presenting feature observed in AML

QUES 9. According to WHO, the minimum percentage of myeloid blasts in bone marrow necessary for the diagnosis of AML is

QUES 10. The cells associated with formation of chloroma are

QUES 11. The following statement is TRUE in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

QUES 12. In ALL, the prognosis is unfavorable

QUES 13. Both pre-B and pre-T lymphoblasts are positive for

QUES 14. Following biochemical feature is NOT seen in tumor lysis syndrome

QUES 15. The morphological type of leukemia which may show Auer rods is

QUES 16. Auer rods are found in the cytoplasm of

QUES 17. Auer rods represent

QUES 18. Myelodysplastic syndrome has following characteristics EXCEPT

QUES 19. The following disorder shows pawn ball megakaryocytes

QUES 20. Confirmation of myelofibrosis is usually done by


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