Why the Family Plays a Substantial Role in Addiction Recovery?

No two people become addicted to a substance for precisely the same reasons. You might have one person who is self-medicating because of childhood trauma that causes them ongoing pain. Someone else might become addicted to pain medication because of a nagging injury.

There are rehabs in Oklahoma for drugs, and some are thought to be among the best in the country. It takes courage to try to get yourself clean, but even if you walk away no longer addicted to your chosen substance, you still likely have a long, hard road ahead.

Your family can play a huge part in whether you relapse or not. Let us talk about why that is right now.

Your Family Can Encourage You or Bring On a Relapse

If you’re in counseling for drug addiction or mistreatment, you will soon learn that the people you have around you go a long way in determining whether you will relapse or not. If you’re around other drug addicts, especially those who take the same substances that you prefer, it stands to reason that you’ll fall back into old patterns if you’re near them.

If you live with family members or you see them often, they can help you following your getting out of rehab. If they’re a strong support network for you, they might be what it takes to keep you clean. On the other hand, if they’re not supportive, they could be the catalyst that causes the relapse you’re so earnestly trying to avoid.

Their Patterns Influence Your Behavior

Your family cannot force you to do anything, but you can’t help but see what they’re doing if you’re around them. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, for instance, and you’re living with family members who like to drink regularly, seeing that is probably going to make you crave a drink in the weeks and months following a rehab stint.

A thoughtful and compassionate family member will know not to drink around you. They will restrict their drinking to times when you’re not around, or they might quit in a show of solidarity with you.

Your Family Can Distract You

If you crave substances even after a rehab stint, you might be able to get over those feelings if you live with family members who can distract you. They can arrange movie nights or video game nights where you can stay sober with them. If you used to binge drink or take other drugs at those times, your family can help you break out of that pattern.

They can use humor if that’s what it takes, or they might take a sterner approach with you if you keep trying to sneak away and use your drug of choice. The way they act around you will probably determine whether you stay clean or whether you feel compelled to slip back into the abyss of drug addiction.

You should realize how much your family members matter to your recovery, and they should be aware of it as well.