Why should we all think seriously about taking supplements?

There are many different approaches to diet nowadays so it’s hard to know what is the truth about what we should be eating. Health specialists often voice the opinion that we should be taking vitamins and supplements daily, but are they really necessary? Here are some reasons why we should all consider taking supplements to bolster our health.

We are surrounded by junk food.

We are just about all guilty of eating foods that are less than healthy. We can produce food more efficiently than in the past, but often that means it is heavily processed. Much of the food that we eat is hardly nutritious – it is not organic or even fresh, and more often than not it is full of salt, fat, sugar, and unhealthy additives. Even meat and poultry often contain growth hormones and GMOs. This leaves many of us deficient in key nutrients.

We are exposed to more toxins than ever before.

The world is a very different place to that of our ancestors. Every day we breathe in toxins through no fault of our own, and our bodies need more nutrients to combat the effects of those toxins. The nutrients we absorb from food today are not sufficient to meet this challenge. Taking daily vitamins and RYSE supplements can help to compensate for the dearth of nourishment we absorb from the produce that is generally available to us.

Producers are creating genetic hybrids with low nutrition values.

Many producers of the fruits and vegetables that we eat are creating hybrid forms of these foods to enhance their colour, weight, or even their longevity. This type of genetic manipulation lowers nutritional values. The powerful fertilizers used in commercial farming also mean that soils have been significantly depleted of vital nutrients. The food we eat is only as good as the soil it is grown in. A delicious-looking orange may contain nothing more than sugar, water, and indigestible cellulose. Furthermore, with the excessive use of filters nowadays, even the water we drink is depleted of minerals. Supplements can help to offset the lack of nutrients we consume in these fruit and vegetable hybrids.

The problem of long-distance produce.

Much of the produce that we find in our local supermarket has travelled a long way before it reaches the display shelves.  This means that the vitamins in this produce are depleted before we even see it on the shelves. Often produce can be harvested weeks before we can purchase it. Buying local, organic produce can help to counteract this problem.
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Nowadays many people do not absorb nutrients well.

One of the results of ageing is that it becomes more difficult for our bodies to digest the food we eat and retain and absorb the nutrients we need. This can be exacerbated by taking medication which can interfere with nutrient absorption. Nowadays many people also produce insufficient stomach acid which means that the food we eat does not get absorbed correctly. Vitamin supplements can help to compensate for nutrients lost as a result of poor digestion and absorption of nutrients.