Who Needs to Buy a Health Insurance Plan?

Did you know that 30% of Indians do not have any health insurance coverage? With increasing healthcare inflation and lifestyle ailments, health insurance has become the need of the hour. Seeking medical treatment without any insurance backup can easily burn through your savings. But are you also stuck wondering who needs to buy health insurance? In simple terms, medical insurance is suitable for most individuals and isn’t restricted to any one group. But in this article, let’s explore certain categories of individuals who must surely secure themselves with the right policy!

Individuals in their 20s

Health insurance is highly recommended for people who are in their 20s or have taken up their first job. As a young individual, you can avail a lower health premium as you are perceived as healthy. Moreover, opting for insurance early in life further enables you to complete the waiting period applicable in insurance policies. Although you won’t be requiring coverage for ailments in your 20s, the waiting period will be over by the time you need it. Thus, comprehensive health insurance plans are suitable for individuals who are in their 20s.

People With Pre-Existing Ailments

The costs associated with medical care for pre-existing ailments can be significantly high. Furthermore, these expenses can add up to be extremely expensive. Hence, for individuals who suffer from pre-existing illnesses, an extensive insurance plan can go a long way. Though you may find certain insurance providers offering coverage with a waiting period, you can compare various companies to meet your insurance requirements. However, it is recommended to share your medical history with the insurer to avoid claim rejection.

Individuals With a Family History of Illness

There is a possibility of suffering from specific disorders due to family history. If you are one of them, it is imperative to secure your health with medical insurance. Though you may show no signs, that doesn’t mean you do not need insurance. With an individual health plan, you can customize it to satisfy your medical needs without any trouble. However, it is advised to be honest with your insurance provider when it comes to your medical records. You can estimate premium rates with an online health insurance premium calculator for ease!

Senior Citizens

As you age, the chances of suffering from certain illnesses increase. But not having sufficient backup during such times can really take a hit on your savings. To avoid spending your hard-earned savings on medical treatments and OPD visits, you can purchase senior citizen health insurance. In the event of an emergency or planned treatment, your health plan shall have your back! Make sure to compare various plans to avail maximum benefits under senior citizen insurance.

People Who Want to Secure Their Health

Our fast-paced lifestyles and busy workdays can really adversely impact our health. If you want to prioritize your health and secure your finances against rising healthcare costs, then health insurance is for you. Apart from covering hospitalization expenses, medical plans also include coverage for alternative treatment, domiciliary treatment, daycare procedures, etc. So, you can choose a suitable plan with a sufficient sum insured amount to offer complete protection against medical risks.

Wrapping it Up!

Although health insurance is for anyone and everyone, you must have understood the ideal people who need to opt for insurance. Even if you practise a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress and maintain a balanced diet, medical emergencies cannot be predicted. Thus, to avoid hefty medical care expenses, make sure to secure yourself with a health plan today! Ensure to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions before buying it.