My Review of The Serenity Method Treatment

I hope this helps people struggling with anxiety.

My Anxiety Nightmare to Finding Serenity!

How The Serenity Method Changed My Life…

I am writing this in the hope that it will help others that are suffering in the way I used to suffer with my anxiety. 

Before I started my journey with The Serenity Method, I had hit many a low point with my anxiety.

I have always been an over-thinker and my family call me ‘the worrier’.

I didn’t realise it at the time but looking back my anxiety definitely grew in strength in my early teens.

At its worse I would cancel plans with friends, not turn up for family occasions and it has even affected my career; not having the confidence to apply for jobs or take opportunities that were presented to me. 

My anxiety came from many triggers, some were daily triggers and others would be triggers about future plans.

Many daily triggers would stem from the unknown and not being able to be in control of situations.

For example, I would purposely do my food shopping on days and times that I knew wouldn’t be busy as I couldn’t handle too many people because not being able to predict people’s behaviour or how they might act caused a lot of my anxiety.

Or being at work and being told I now had to lead a meeting or do something new would cause me to have a panic attack which ultimately has stopped me achieving more in my career, as I just couldn’t cope with the pressure.

For me though, the biggest trigger would be concerning future plans. Knowing I had a party to go to, or a day trip to London to see my sister, or an upcoming holiday.

My anxiety of these events would start 2-3 weeks before the day of the event and I would be thinking about all the things that could go wrong; what if I don’t pack everything, what if I don’t know anybody, what if the train is too busy, how will I cope with all the people and being in an enclosed space etc.

All these thoughts would be going through my mind. 

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The night before of the event I wouldn’t sleep as I would be working myself up and creating negative situations that could happen.

On the day of the event, I would be a wreck; my panic attacks would increase in intensity, my breathing would be out of control, I would lose concentration.

In a nutshell I would feel detached from my mind and body and I felt completely alone and numb. 

The saddest thing is it would be so bad that I would not go to the party, I wouldn’t go and see my sister, and for the whole holiday I would just be recovering from my panic attacks and then working myself up again about getting back home.

After the event had happened, I would then be very poorly for the next couple days as I had worked myself into such a state, I needed time to come back down.

My whole life my anxiety had controlled me and there was nothing I could do about it.

Sleep has also played a big part in my anxiety journey. I always fall asleep quickly as I would be so exhausted from a day of constant high levels of anxiety.

But then to make it worse I would wake again at 2am and not be able to get back to sleep due to the thoughts going around and around my mind.

Things that seemed so trivial would escalate and before I knew it, a small trivial thing would become a massive negative thought!

Before discovering The Serenity Method, I had tried taking herbal medicines, I had CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and I had Talking Therapy.

These treatments would work for 3 months but soon I could feel my anxiety gaining strength and I realised they only suppressed my anxiety they didn’t fix it!

I had always been told I would have to live and deal with my anxiety and this is something that really worried me as I have always wanted a family and I didn’t want my children to see mummy suffering, or to suffer the way I have.

So, I had almost given up any hope of trying to fix it until I came across Lawrence Leyton and his Serenity Method.

Lawrence has put the Serenity Method together so well that it just flows from one section to the next in an easy-to-understand format.

He explains the techniques so well they are very easy to pick up.

There is a lot of content to take in but you can watch the modules again and the interactive tasks that go alongside the modules were the absolute key to my recovery.

The tasks really resonated with me and it helped me see my anxiety in a completely different light. 

The fact that it is Lawrence on the screen talking you through everything really adds a personal touch and it is done in a way that is understanding and empathic; Lawrence really gets it and it shows!

It was hard at first starting the course as I had tried so many things, but I kept telling myself to keep opened minded and there was a certain module that really made me think about how I am fuelling my anxiety.

It was a lightbulb moment for me and suddenly, it was like someone had flipped a switch and I could really see the difference in me and most importantly I could feel the difference! 

Once I started to implement the changes that Lawrence teaches you, my confidence grew, my outlook on life completely changed, and I was now in control, not my anxiety!

I have now been able to go to the supermarket whenever I need to and not having to plan it around the quieter times.

I now look forward to a day of shopping with friends or mum rather than being anxious about how busy with it might be, how many people will there, will I have to queue?

I no longer get anxious when I am in a crowd and I actually enjoy planning a holiday. 

The lead up to events have entirely changed, and I no longer think about the negative scenarios, and instead I look forward to the event.

Sleep has become easy, and I am going to bed relaxed and tension free which leads to a full night’s sleep and I wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready for the day ahead.

I have even managed to go to London on my own, which meant being on the train on my own and finally visiting my sister. All of this anxiety-free.

I know there will be challenges throughout my life, but with these new methods and a different way in thinking; bring them on!!

I have had a recent bump in my anxiety journey as I have since become a mum and nothing could prepare me for the journey that is motherhood!!

New anxieties were creeping in that I haven’t had to deal with before; being a new mum, being good enough, will I know what to do etc.

But having done the Serenity Method and having already implemented the methods, I have been able to work through these new triggers and move forward with ease and confidence.

So, if you are reading this and thinking about taking the Serenity Method, please don’t think about it, please just do it!

It has been the best thing for me, and I am now enjoying life and I can now say, loud and proud, I am living anxiety-free.