Meeting Your Fitness Goals From Home

This time last year, I can say with certainty and most of us didn’t think we’d still be working, exercising, and trying to entertain ourselves from home.

A lot has changed for us in the last year, and with that has come the need to adapt our goals to fit our new normal. 

When it comes to fitness goals, it can be difficult to find the motivation to maintain your fitness goals when there’s so little to differentiate your workout time from your work time.

However, as the year has gone on things in the health and fitness world have continued to adapt, so now more than ever there are all kinds of options available to help you meet your goals, here are a few tips: 

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Stick to a Schedule!

Whether you’re trying to meet your goals at home, or hitting the gym this tip stays the same – stick to a schedule! Habits develop from consistency, and in a time when your home now serves every purpose – gym, school, work, that consistency is going to be key.

Changes: Pick a time and frequency that works best for you and schedule it – no I’m serious – put it in your schedule! You add all your work meetings, your kid’s activities, and your doctors’ appointments in your calendar, why aren’t you scheduling your exercise too? Apps like Must motivate helps you track your daily activity and keeps you motivated with reminders to achieve your fitness goal.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible, but just having that time set aside to commit to your goal means that there will be fewer excuses to put it off or not do it, and you’ll be closer to making this a habit that sticks!

Think Ahead to Prevent Injury

In general, injury tends to be a common reason people give up on a fitness goal, and when you’re trying to adapt your workouts for home, it may leave you more prone to injury.

When you’re starting a new workout routine, it’s always best to consult your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor like the ones at Dahl Family Chiropractic.

Your practitioner will be able to set you up for success by giving you the tools you need to prevent injury – like proper stretches for areas you struggle with, teaching you how to KT tape problem joints/existing injuries, etc. Scheduling a check-in appointment, or regular appointments if needed, is a great step towards meeting your goals and keeping you injury-free.

Find Something You Love

Just like exercise out of the home, it’s important, arguably more important now, to find something you love.

If the exercise you love is hard to transition to your home – like those involving expensive fitness equipment, space-hogging weights, or access to a pool; it’s time to find fun more simple forms of exercise! 

Now, if you have the means and the space to go out and buy yourself that popular spin bike to keep up with your spin classes, go for it! What we’re aiming for here is being open to adapting your exercise to suit your current circumstances, and for many of us that doesn’t mean building a new home gym.

Head out on more walks or hikes with friends and family and discover new areas in your city, break out your old rollerblades you haven’t used in years, try a yoga class on YouTube! There really are more options than you may think, you’re bound to find something that will make hitting those fitness goals easy even from home!

Go Virtual!

While the world of YouTube fitness has been big for a number of years now, the last year has made a lot of businesses in the health and fitness sector pivot to offering virtual services.

Use this as an opportunity to try out classes you were too scared to try in-person like that barre class at the boutique studio, or a class with that new CrossFit gym you heard everyone talking about.

Virtual classes take all the anxiety out of trying something new – with the added benefit of being offered on demand or at times that better fit your schedule now that you’re not commuting. 

You can even take it a step further and finally book in with a personal trainer and take your fitness goals to the next level, places like BodyWorx Vitality have pivoted to incorporate more virtual services like personal training, group classes, even virtual physiotherapy to make sure that you can still meet your fitness goals and maintain your health from home. 

While it can seem a bit daunting to tackle your fitness goals from home – not to mention, easy to distract yourself from them, the last year has proven that we’re great at adapting.

There are more resources out there than ever before to motivate you and help you stick to your goals!