Managing Diabetes While Living A Normal Life

Diabetes can impact nearly part of your body. Therefore, you must learn how to manage your blood sugar levels. By managing your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, you can help prevent the health problems that may occur with diabetes.

An affliction with one condition can often heighten the risk for other ailments. In particular, this correlation is valid for incontinence and diabetes.

Managing incontinence can be very challenging if you are already dealing with diabetes. However, with some judicious planning and the right continence management products, you can streamline your daily living and avoid most major hindrances to living a full life.

One example of continence management products is incontinence pads. Purchasing good quality ones makes going through your day more effortless and worry-free. Incontinence pads come in various sizes, absorbencies and styles to match your preferences. However, when using them, it is essential to keep a few things in mind- primarily how to maintain your comfort. So, below are some tips for changing incontinence pads.

Keeps supplies close at hand

As you go about your day, an adequate supply of pads should be the least of your worries. Therefore, it is advisable to pack a bag with all the supplies you need before leaving your home.

Consider packing more products than you need, so you’ll have extra pads, wipes, spare underwear and a plastic bag (handy for storing soiled pants if required).

Consider your schedule

Experts recommend changing your incontinence pads about four to six times a day. You must always change them as soon as they get wet to avoid the increased risk of odours and skin conditions like chafing and irritation.

In order to have ample opportunity to change your pads, it is best to consider your daily schedule and movements. That way, you can establish the ideal changing times throughout your day. On the other hand, some incontinence pads are designed for high absorbency and overnight use, thus easing the navigation of a full night of sleep for you and your carer.

Make sure you’re using the right products

Uncomfortable, ill-fitting or incontinence pads with inadequate absorption can cause significant issues throughout daily use. Therefore, finding the right size and shape of continence management products is crucial to ensure a more straightforward management process as it will help in managing your diabetes.

Communicate with your friends and family members

In some cases, confiding in your friends and family can help you eliminate some issues resulting from changing pads. If need be, you can communicate your need discretely, particularly when in public.

Communication helps ease the pressure that comes with time constraints. Moreover, it can also ensure that the places they choose to socialise have easy access to bathroom facilities for changing.

Embrace your everyday life

By practising changing your incontinence pads in a safe and secure environment like your home, you will better grasp the changing process before doing so in the outside world. Furthermore, once you are well versed in changing your continence management products, you can embrace your everyday life by moving around with your supplies.

It often takes patience, diligence and keen observation to find the most effective ways to manage incontinence. But first, confer with your physician if you are concerned about the effectiveness of your management plan or if you notice anomalies occurring in an otherwise regular routine.