Is it possible to straighten your teeth without braces?

A beautiful and perfect smile is the dream of every individual. Everybody wants to have that picture-perfect smile.

But what they do not want is the hassle of wires and metal brackets attached. They think that it looks ugly, which is not quite right. Isn’t it?

If you work in a professional environment, then showing off the metal braces can be the reason for you losing the confidence but then what’s the solution.

The other day a guy in his mid-twenties came to the clinic and enquired about getting his teeth straightened without the braces? He thought that it is not possible to get that done. But, it is quite possible.

The dentistry has evolved over the years and now has options for almost every dental problem. The solution is such that it fits in your need of the hour. You just need to take that first step of visiting a dental clinic.

There are certain cases of teeth misalignment which can be fixed without undergoing the metallic treatment. Such cases include:

1.) Malocclusion

If the matter is only about the wrong bite, then there are various devices available, with the help of which your dentist can easily correct the same.

Because these issues are generally related to the jaw position. These devices will adjust your jaw without the use of traditional metal braces.

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2.) Narrow upper jaw

Also known as the underdeveloped palate, these require your palate to widen. Getting this done will improve your smile and overall jaw position.

For this, Expanders are available with the help of which dentist widens your jaw size. Having a narrow jaw will also make it impossible to fit in all your teeth in that given size.

The expander will not only improve the jaw appearance but will also help in adjusting all your teeth in the jaw.

3.) Minor Overcrowding

The major reason for people getting their teeth straight is the crowding of teeth. if your teeth are not overly crowded then a special appliance called retainer will solve the purpose.

The above-mentioned conditions can be cured with the help of special appliances by your dentist as stated above.

You just need to be careful while using the same as proper oral hygiene is important for the maintenance and long life of these devices.

The devices/gadgets used for the same are:

1.) Retainers

Retainers are of three types namely Fixed retainers, Hawley retainers, and Removable retainers. Which retainer will suit you well totally depends on your case and preference.

For example,

Fixed retainers are attached to the inner surface and prevent the teeth from shifting over time. This helps in correcting the bite and in straightening of teeth. Over a period this has been proven to be a long-term solution of fixing the bite or crowding of teeth.

Hawley retainers, on the other hand, are made of acrylic and metal wires. For these, your dentist needs to first take the impression of your teeth. These are removable and can be made separately for the upper and lower jaw. The basic idea behind this is the straightening of the teeth. 

A removable option is what most of the people go for smile appearance. They are easily removable and if you have to attend some function or an event you can remove them for that period of time. They can be lost easily and the replacement is a bit expensive.

2.) Appliances

If the concern is jaw positioning, then there are certain appliances which work for that particularly. The appliances work best for such jaw movements which have led to malocclusions.

In the list of such devices, the very first is the Herbst Appliance. These are mostly used for the lower jaw and bring it to the position of the upper jaw and help them to meet. The metal extensions to the molars help in connecting the upper and the lower jaw.

If you are facing the issue of excessive overbite, then you will probably be guided to use headgear. The headgear applies the pressure on the upper jaw of the person and makes it meet the jaws together.

Moreover, it is not meant to be worn for the entire day, just a few hours in a day are enough to get the jaws in their respective position. The only drawback of the appliances is that they take a lot of time to bring the jaws into the correct position. 

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3.) Clear Aligners

The next in line are clear aligners. They are the plastic trays designed specifically for a particularly for a set of teeth. These are transparent and are required to be changed frequently depending on the teeth positioning and movement.

clear aligner - clear braces - Is it possible to straighten your teeth without braces - yes oral treatment without braces

They are to be put into the mouth for at least 20 hours a day and work by putting pressure on the teeth to align the positioning. But one thing that is important to be kept in mind is that one should not skip their dental appointments and need to be regular to it.

4.) Expanders

If the jaw or mouth size of your child is too small that the future teeth will not fit into it, then the expanders are the solution.

A palate expander will be placed in the upper jaw which will create the space for fitting all the teeth. They are fixed to the upper molar and a special key is used to put pressure on the upper left and right halves of the jaw.

This increases the width of the jaw creating space for bones. One need to be regular in their dental visits as these are to be adjusted frequently.

The above examples are a perfect explanation for getting your teeth straightened without the use of wires and metal brackets. The costs of these are not much as the teeth braces price and therefore, are a relevant option to enhance your smile.

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