How to Relax in Preparation for Sleep?

Having a restful night every day is a dream for many. But how do you go about it? A bedtime routine is vital to know when you need to start quieting your mind and body before you get in bed.

Unfortunately, most people do not always find time to relax before bed. Most are still working, binge-watching TV shows, eating, scrolling through social media, among many unrelaxing things.

Relaxation should also continue while you sleep, and you can get a mattress that suits your needs through UK reviews of Emma mattress to experience a relaxing sleep.

Here are some relaxation techniques to help you wind down at the end of the day. 

Read a book 

One great way to relax that many people use every night is reading. This is reading an old-fashioned book, and not one on your smartphone.

If you use your phone, the blue light it emits will make it harder to sleep as it disrupts your circadian rhythms.

According to studies, following this relaxation technique and reading for at least six to seven minutes reduces stress levels and heart rate, making you sleep faster. Also, you can opt to read meditation books only.

Make a to-do list 

Lying awake at night stressing over the undone things and other responsibilities you have will cost you getting enough sleep.

make a to do list to relax and sleep better way

Get a head start on your busy day and write down all the tasks that need your attention the following day.

This makes you feel in control as you already have an action plan before you get into bed.

As a result, you feel more in control, and you can relax with ease to sleep. 

Drink herbal tea

Drinking herbal tea before bed ensures you get better sleep.

Some of the common herbal teas are passionflower, chamomile, and lavender tea.

drink herbal tea to relax and sleep better

Plus, it is undeniable soothing to sip a warm drink at the end of the day.

For this to be effective, include it in your bedtime ritual to signal your brain when it is time to wind down.

Plus, all of these teas have various benefits. 

Take a warm bath

According to various studies conducted, taking a warm bath before you sleep will help you sleep faster.

Soak in your hot tub for at least 20 minutes to raise your temperature by at least a degree or two.

When you get out of the water, your body temperature will drop fast.

This rapid temperature drop is what promotes deep sleep. As you shop for bath soaks, choose those that promote relaxation.  

Listen to soothing music 

If you listen to soothing music before bed, is similar to lullabies for babies.

This relaxation technique helps you to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up well-rested and refreshed.

Listen to soothing music to sleep like a baby

Choose songs with a slow rhythm or any familiar songs with a rhythm of at least 60 BPM.

To know the BPM for songs, check online and choose the right ones for sleep.

Use essential oils 

Lavender’s power to induce calmness is known to many people.

But, the neroli oil from the blossom of bitter orange trees helps lower stress levels, blood pressure and boost relaxation.

Use essential oils for relaxing mind

To amplify the sleep-promoting effect of the neroli oil, combine it with chamomile oil or lavender oil, and the results are evident.

Also, you can alternate and use other oils for sleep. Such as rose oil, cedar wood oil, among others. 

Sip some cherry juice 

Research was done on various participants, and those who drank two glasses every day or tart cherry juice rested at least 40 minutes longer, woke up few times at night than those who did not drink the cherry juice at all.

According to the research, the benefits were due to the high melatonin levels found in the cherries.

Thus, if cherry juice is all you have to snack on at night, it will be a good option. 

To conclude, you can try many relaxation ways, including some of the above relaxation techniques, to help you wind down for sleep.

If you prefer doing the breathing exercise, meditation, and other techniques you know from childhood.

As long as they are relaxing, they will be of help to you.