How to Bring Your Qi Back into Balance

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is built on the principle of harmony.

How is this achieved?

Through a balanced qi (pronounced “chee”). When our lives are in harmony, we experience health, wellness, and vitality. In disharmony, we suffer from illness and disease.

What is Qi?

Broadly speaking, qi is the life energy that flows through everything.

According to TCM beliefs, qi is neither created nor destroyed.

The same energy that flows through a gnat flows through a warrior.

This energy connects everything, and through it everything is one.

There is no judgement or preference of “good” or “bad” qi. The goal is obtaining balance. 

Your qi can become out of balance for many reasons.

Often it is a result of poor eating and sleeping habits, or living a sedentary lifestyle.

Someone with deficient qi may discover they feel lethargic, get sick easily, or suffer from depression.

On the other hand, excessive qi, may cause irritability, chronic pain, or paranoia.

The good news is, if you find yourself out of balance, there are simple ways to bring yourself back.

Achieve Balance Through Mindful Meditation

Whether you are dealing with an excessive or deficient qi, meditation is the perfect first step.

When combined with calming breathing exercises, you can find your calm center.

As you learn what meditation techniques work for you, the life energy flowing through you will become more fluid.

To keep a balanced qi, meditation should be a regular practice. Even 10-15 minutes a day will achieve positive results.

Try Acupuncture to Restore Flow

An out of balance qi can result in not only physical discomfort, but many of the illnesses we experience today.

Illnesses such as infertility, infections, and digestive problems can indicate a deficiency.

While addiction, ADHD, and insomnia can point to an excess. Grimsby Health & Wellness aims to address these issues through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Using acupuncture, they use fine needles strategically placed into your skin all along the pathways where your qi should flow.

By opening up these pathways, they promote general healing, alleviate pain, give a boost to your immune system, and bring overall wellness to your body. 

Relax with Massage Therapy

Chronic pain is a key indicator that your life energy is out of balance.

To find harmony, you should never let chronic pain problems go ignored. Massage therapy has been used for healing for thousands of years.

The therapists at Don Valley Health and Wellness Centre use massage to treat injuries, athletes, and expectant mothers.

By using specific techniques to manipulate the body’s soft tissue, they provide healing to your muscular, circulatory, and nervous systems.

Not only do their methods relieve pain, but they reduce stress, as well.

Through massage, they can improve mental health, manage digestive disorders, and provide improved sleep.

Nutritional Help for a Balanced Qi

If you suspect your qi is out of balance, it is important to decide if you are experiencing a deficiency or excess.

From there, you can make a few dietary adjustments to get back on track.

For a deficient qi:

  • Eggs and dairy
  • Beans and tofu
  • Sweet Potatoes, sprouts, and string beans

For an excessive qi:

  • Grains and seeds
  • Root vegetables, kale and onion
  • Spiced tea

The next time you experience symptoms of illness or suffer from mental fatigue, consider the balance in your body.

Everything is connected through your qi. By creating harmony, you will find yourself in health and wellness.