How Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Chronic Fatigue?

Do you know doctors now accept chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as a medical condition? This disease affects around 17 million people, yet no approved treatment exists. Many patients turn to marijuana as their chronic fatigue remedy because few effective options are available.

CFS causes extreme tiredness that doesn’t disappear despite lengthy periods of rest. Individuals diagnosed with this disorder reach a point of desperation while searching for relief from their exhaustion. Although scientists haven’t yet conducted official research on the topic, cannabis may be a promising alternative to traditionally prescribed drugs. Patients might consider growing one of the best yielding strains of medical marijuana to have unlimited access to relief.

Read on to find out how cannabis could help to ease chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS is a complicated disease causing extreme fatigue lasting for at least six months that doesn’t disappear after sleeping. Those diagnosed have no underlying medical conditions, and the cause of the disorder is unknown. It’s thought to be triggered by a combination of viral infections, immune system issues, and emotional or physical trauma. There’s no test for chronic fatigue syndrome, and doctors must rule out other health issues before confirming the disease.

CFS’s typical indicators include difficulty sleeping, pain, decreased focus, and dizziness that worsens when moving from lying down to standing. Physical and mental activity exacerbates these problems. The constant drowsiness caused by chronic fatigue syndrome makes patients socially isolated and negatively impacts their quality of life. Signs of the disease are often mistaken for depression. As there’s no cure for CFS, treatment focuses on improving symptoms through painkillers, sleeping aids, or lifestyle changes. Some prescribed medications cause side effects that push patients to seek alternative therapy options.

Marijuana and Chronic Fatigue

There’s plenty of potential in using marijuana for chronic fatigue syndrome treatment. Although it hasn’t yet passed clinical trials, many individuals report cannabis effectively manages CFS features. THC and CBD, the two main cannabinoids in marijuana, interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This network helps control functions like sleep, mood, and appetite.  The interactions between cannabinoids and the ECS alleviate many problems associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Can Medical Marijuana Help Chronic Fatigue?

Provided CFS patients use the correct strain, marijuana’s effects may reduce the severity of their symptoms. It’s simple to choose between indica or sativa, as each cannabis type offers unique benefits.


Indica varieties are short, bushy plants with broad leaves that only grow to about five feet tall. They typically contain more CBD than THC, making them popular for medicinal use. This type of marijuana causes full-body relaxation, with effects like heavy limbs or a tingling face. It makes users happy and sleepy and helps them unwind at the end of the day. Many users claim indica helps reduce nausea and increase appetite, but can this medical marijuana be beneficial for chronic fatigue?

Indica strains are ideal nighttime choices for easing insomnia but not what chronic fatigue patients require during the day.


Sativa cannabis plants can grow to over 12 feet and have narrow leaves with finger-like blades. They contain higher ratios of THC than CBD and have energizing effects. Sativa strains make users feel uplifted and euphoric. They induce feelings of productivity and increase concentration, making them better options for daytime. Sativas are said to reduce anxiety and stress, causing a general sense of well-being. Consuming them can sharpen focus and might provide the energy boost needed to complete a full day of tasks. They have the potential to provide relief to individuals diagnosed with CFS.

How Does Marijuana Treat Chronic Fatigue?

The energizing abilities of Sativa cannabis could ease the following symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

Poor Sleep

Can marijuana treat chronic fatigue syndrome by aiding sleep? Several studies show that marijuana does improve slumber quality. Using cannabis may help patients fall asleep faster and lengthen the duration of deep, slow-wave snoozing. A full night of rest ensures the user wakes up refreshed and feeling restored. High-quality sleep could diminish the constant drowsiness caused by CFS.


Depression is a common symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some evidence has emerged showing cannabis might reduce the intensity of this mood disorder. Many users report using marijuana makes them feel happy, peaceful, and more relaxed.


Individuals with CFS often experience unexplained muscle or joint pain, leaving some patients bedbound.  Cannabis is a potential alternative to inflammation-reducing medications, which pose addiction risks. An increasing number of studies prove cannabis is a potent pain reliever that offers few side effects.

Chronic Fatigue Patients Can Get Their Lives Back

Doctors have yet to discover a single treatment option that manages chronic fatigue syndrome successfully. Medical marijuana is a promising way for CFS patients to cope with their symptoms until scientists complete further investigations. Growing a stash of medicinal cannabis may provide the boost someone needs due to extreme exhaustion levels. Using marijuana as a chronic fatigue therapy could be the way to give patients their lives back.