Getting Ready for Your Massage

Massage is something everyone should do at least once in a while, if not on a regular basis.

It’s healthy for the physical body, for the mind, and it can lift your mood.

It may improve your skin tone, decrease muscle tension, enhance circulation, lower stress levels, increase joint mobility, and numerous other advantages.

Whether you’ve had a massage in the past or not, you’ll likely benefit from knowing the best way to prepare for one in advance so you get the most you possibly can out of the experience.

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These are the steps you should take to be massage-ready.

Make Sure You’re Healthy

If you’ve booked a massage but then find yourself unwell a couple of days prior, rebook your slot.

Besides the fact that you don’t want to get your massage therapist sick, it will not make for a comfortable and relaxing massage.

You should go to your appointment when you’re feeling healthy and ready to enjoy the experience.

Check for Skin Problems or Abrasions

It’s important to make sure you don’t have any skin abrasions, cuts, or rashes before you go get your massage.

The therapist will use oils which could exacerbate such issues.

If it’s a widespread problem, it’s probably best to postpone the massage.

However, with smaller issues you can make the therapist aware of it and make sure they avoid the area.

Balance Your Medications

If you have just started taking a new medication and it’s building up in your system, don’t get a massage.

Wait a few weeks until you have stabilized.

The same is true if your doctor is changing your medication dosages.

It’s possible that massage could slightly shift your levels, so it’s best to be as balanced as possible beforehand. 

Drink Water

Before you go into your massage, make sure you hydrate yourself properly with water or tea.

Massages can be quite dehydrating, as the kneading releases fluids from your muscles.

This is also why the massage therapist encourages you to drink water after the massage. It’s important to replace the lost fluids.

Don’t Eat A Big Meal

The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of enjoying a relaxing massage is your stomach feeling upset or bloated.

It’s best to avoid eating about 1-2 hours before a massage, and try not to eat a huge meal on the day of the treatment.

However, you don’t want to be starving during the massage either, so do eat something adequate as your last meal.

After the massage, try eating foods that are very hydrating like fresh fruit.


It’s not a great idea to exercise after a massage, as your muscles are too relaxed and could get injured more easily.

On the other hand, it does allow your muscles to be warmed up before you exercise. 

Working out before you have your treatment helps to warm up your muscles for the massage, so you’ll be more limber.

Massage can also help prevent sore muscles from the workout, speeding up your recovery.

Take a Shower

Do take a hot shower and clean yourself well before your appointment.

The therapist will be close to your body, and you don’t want to be embarrassed by poor hygiene.

Besides this, avoid using lotions, fragrances or any other products except deodorant before the treatment. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

It’s true that you’ll be mostly without clothing for the massage, but you should still wear something that feels relaxed to put you in the mood for your treatment.

In addition, you’re going to have oil all over you after the treatment and you don’t want to mess up your nicest outfits.

Bring Medical Information

It’s important that you let the therapist know of any relevant medical information, including medications that you’re taking.

Most clinics will ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire before the appointment.

Let them know of any pain or injuries you have, or areas where you don’t want to be touched.

Communicate with the Therapist

The massage therapist may be an expert at what they do, but they don’t know everything about your body.

It’s very important that you communicate with the practitioner before and during the massage to let them know if you’re in pain, uncomfortable, or if their touch is too strong or too weak.

The massage should be tailored to you specifically, so you should make your needs clearly known.

The Final Word

Now that you’re prepared for your massage, you have to choose the best place to book an appointment.

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