Eye Care 101: A Brief Guide to Taking Better Care of Your Eyes

Having good eyesight is something that many people take for granted.

Those who have never truly suffered from vision impairment simply view their sight as a given each and every day.

However, the gift of good eyesight isn’t a guarantee for the rest of your life.

In fact, as most people age, their eyesight tends to deteriorate, even if it is just a little bit.

There are many eye-related ailments associated with aging that can have a negative impact on your ability to see.

Moreover, failure to look after your eyesight now might mean that such ailments are likely to affect you earlier on in life.

The best thing that you can do is start to treat your eyes with the respect they deserve today.

Since a good many eye conditions that can cause your vision to deteriorate over time can be better managed if caught early, having regular eye checks by a qualified healthcare provider can make a big difference.

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With that in mind, here are a few of the more practical ways in which you can take better care of your eyes starting now.

Stop Sleeping in Your Contacts

Contact lenses are an excellent option for those with less than perfect vision who dislike wearing glasses.

They can allow you to live glasses-free and help you to avoid certain downfalls of wearing glasses like smudgy lenses.

However, far too many contact wearers completely ignore some of the more basic guidelines for wearing such lenses.

For starters, you shouldn’t really wear your lenses for more than eight hours at a time.

This is because wearing them for an entire day can deprive your eyes of the oxygen they need to function well.

This can increase your chances of developing certain eye conditions over time, some of which can cause a deterioration of your vision or even blindness. 

More importantly, though, you should never sleep in your contact lenses as this can have some serious negative results where your eyes are concerned.

Doing so will further deprive your eyes of oxygen through the night and can also lead to infection.

If you have a hard time sticking to the rules of safely wearing contacts, perhaps it is time to consider other options like LASIK eye surgery Harrisburg.

This will eliminate the need for contact lenses altogether so that your eyes can get the oxygen they need each and every day.

Use Sun Protection

Even though being out in the sun can have many benefits, like boosting your mood and strengthening your immune system, it is no secret that there are ways in which the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to your health.

Not only can increased sun exposure cause major damage to your skin, but your eyes are also susceptible to sun damage as well.

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Aside from the fact that too much sun exposure will, over time, increase your chances of developing conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration, your eyes can actually become sunburned.

Just as with your skin, the UV rays of the sun can penetrate your eyes and burn your cornea.

This can lead to a condition called Keratitis and can lead to permanent damage over time.

Whenever you know that you will be out in the sun, take the necessary protection precautions.

Sunglasses should be a staple in your day, and hats that shade your eyes are also incredibly helpful.

If you choose to sport a hat in order to protect your eyes, try to find one with a brim of at least two or three inches to ensure that your eyes will get the shade from the sun that they need.

Eat Eye-Friendly Foods

There are few aspects of your overall physical and mental health that don’t benefit from a healthy diet.

Your eyes are no exception.

Eating certain foods can go a long way to helping your eyes stay healthy and fully functional for as long as possible.

So, look to incorporate several eye-friendly foods into your diet so that you can ward off eye disease and keep your eyes going strong.

Some of the most beneficial nutrients for your eye are omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Look to consume food that contain these a few time each week.

Oily fish serves as a great source of omega-3s, while citrus fruits and many leafy greens are rich in vitamin C.

For your dose of vitamin A, look to incorporate more carrots and kale into your diet.

With an eye-friendly diet, plenty of sun protection, and by allowing your eyes to get the oxygen they need through proper use of contact lenses, you can maintain your eye health for many years to come.