Can Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Wellness?

Studies have already proved a connection between oral health and overall wellness. It has been established that poor oral health is responsible for various health concerns.

People with bad oral care are at higher risk for diseases to the heart, lungs and other body parts.

More so, the health of your mouth can directly impact the rest of the body as several pieces of research have said that long before.

If your dental health is not up to the market, this might lead to problems as varied as heart disease, lung infection, diabetes, dementia and worse still, strokes.

Let’s look at how oral health can affect our overall physical wellbeing at different levels – 

1.) Cardiovascular health

Gum inflammation can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. In fact, gum disease can increase the inflammation in the body which can cause cardiovascular disease.

Studies have found a link between oral inflammation and a higher risk of heart disease.

More so, people with periodontal diseases are at a greater risk of heart disease and heart attack than the rest.

The bacteria that cause gum problems can ultimately lead to cardiovascular disease and you should never ignore oral care ever.

Always consult the dentist when you have gum problems to keep your fit.

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2.) Diabetes

Until now, we have known how diabetics are more likely to have gum disease but new studies into the subject say that the reverse may also be true.

Which means gum disease could lead to diabetes where bacteria are supposed to affect the blood glucose level in the body?

The toxins produced by bacteria can affect the glucose level in the blood.

This clearly shows the need to take oral care more seriously and not ignore gum problems as easily as we normally do.

Diabetes is a serious health concern and we should be worried about that.  

3.) Lung infections

Those who have gum disease will have more bacteria in their mouth. Naturally, they are more prone to inhaling germs that can cause problems to different body parts including the lungs.

These bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream and reach the lung to cause infections like pneumonia.

In fact, gum disease is even worse for those suffering from any lung problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

If you take proper oral care and keep the teeth and gums clean, you can save lung infection and other health concerns to the body. 

4.) Pregnancy

Gum diseases or poor oral health during pregnancy can lead to various risks including pre-mature delivering.

In fact, pregnant ladies with advanced stages of gum disease are more likely to have a low-birth-weight baby.

They are also more prone to developing gestational diabetes. This clearly shows that pregnant women should take more care of their oral health not only for themselves but also for their babies.

This can help them avoid any pre or after-birth complications to self or to the baby.

So, be extra careful about oral health during pregnancy and brace for happy motherhood.

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5.) Bruxism

Poor oral health could be one of the reasons behind bruxism which is characterized by grinding the teeth during sleep.

This problem can also risk the joints in the lower jaw leading to pain in the area.

This habit can also damage the enamel, cause tooth sensitivity and lead to broken teeth over time.

It’s therefore important to visit a top dentist Greenpoint and see the available treatment option.

Once your teeth are healthy and strong, most dental problems would never dare to come near you ever. This is why regular dental care matters more than anything else.

That’s All about Can Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Wellness?

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