Can Diet Make a Difference to Anxiety?

Anxiety and Diet are always discussed together as more and more people suffering from anxiety are prone to making wrong food choices. Stress eating is the biggest enemy for many watching their diet on regular basis.

While binge-eating would result from stress and anxiety, there are certain foods that can also alleviate the anxiety symptoms to great extent. So, here we will look into a wide range of foods that may either ease your anxiety or work as an anxiety trigger.

Foods to Avoid in Anxiety


This is the first thing you would reach in the morning and this itself is the trigger for anxiety. Those feeling anxious have a tendency to reach out to caffeine in order to ease the symptoms, however, the contrary takes place.

Caffeine is known to be psychoactive and stimulant, which makes your brain active. Its consumption may lead to nausea, nervousness, restlessness, and leave you anxious too.

Avoid caffeine consumption and switch to better options like vegetable juice and green tea.

Fried Stuff

Fried food is tasty and many of us crave for fried food when we feel restless and low. This is because our body takes it as an instant source of energy.

Fried food is difficult to digest and may affect your overall health. It may result in larger waistline and high blood pressure if consumed without control.

It also increases blood cholesterol levels and results in poor heart health. Even if fried food makes you happy, it is just temporary.

No need to eliminate it completely from your diet, just make sure you are controlling the portion size.

Refined Sugar

Sugar is not good for your health. This fact is not new and most of us know this, however, sugar is more dangerous for anxiety then we believe it to be!

Sugar crash can result in palpitations, fatigue, mood swings, and even difficulty concentrating. These could be the beginning of an anxiety attack and needs attention. Bring down your sugar intake by keeping a close watch on your sugar consumption.

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Processed Foods

Processed foods contain fat, sugar, and refined flour. These are not good for anxiety. Processed foods also feed your gut with harmful bacteria that may lead to poor digestion and overall poor functioning of the body.

A healthy gut can help a lot in reducing anxiety. Good bacteria play a major role in getting your gut healthy. Say no to processed foods and include more of natural foods in your diet to ease the symptoms of anxiety.

High Sodium Foods

High sodium levels in food would result in water retention, hypertension, weight gain, and sleeping disorders. Low fat foods are not always healthy as they may be high on sugar and sodium. Avoid sodium-rich foods to keep yourself calm by getting better sleep and healthy body.

Other foods that you must avoid in case of anxiety include alcohol, gluten, artificial flavors, soda, and other such food stuff that adversely affect the natural ecosystem of your body.

While the list of foods to avoid in case of anxiety is long, the list of foods to include is even longer. Some of the foods that are worth including in your diet to reduce anxiety are –

  • Nuts and seeds as they are rich in antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins.
  • Dark Chocolate in moderation has shown promising results.
  • Yogurt for healthy gut.
  • Turmeric and Green Tea for their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fresh Vegetable Juices for instant vitamins.
  • Chamomile to keep your mind calm.
  • Eggs for protein and vitamins that keep you going.
  • Also, certain greens like spinach, asparagus, and avocado have shown promising results.

All the above-mentioned foods are a powerhouse of fibers and vitamins. Vitamin D has a special role to play in treating anxiety symptoms. Eggs, nuts, and seeds can help in getting you much needed vitamin D. Apart from these foods, sunlight can also serve as the best option to get sufficient vitamin D.

Regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, a small walk in the fresh air, and plenty of sunlight can also work as the food for anxiety. Don’t let anxiety bring your life to halt. Make the right choices to bring down the symptoms of anxiety and lead a healthy life.