Breaking Myths About Chemical Peels

Imagine a life with crystal clear skin, without any pigmentation or dullness. Feels like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, not anymore! Chemical peels are here to save the day with their promising results, and simple process. It is a treatment which improves skin appearance with the help of skin-friendly chemicals and exfoliators.

Let’s get a little deeper into what a chemical peel is and debunk old-school myths with dermat-approved facts!

What is Chemical Peel- Does It Really Work?

Chemical peel, also known as derma peeling or chemexfoliation, is a comparatively new technique taking the beauty industry by storm. It helps to achieve flawless-looking skin with a chemical solution used to clear impurities from the skin.

The chemical peel removes the trauma layers (upper layers) from the skin. The upper layers are filled with impurities and dirt, causing pigmentation, acne, dull skin, wrinkles and whatnot!

The process of chemical peeling exfoliates the skin thoroughly, and removes dead skin layers, which helps people get clear skin. Most of the time, noticeable effects are visible from the first session itself.

Now, let’s look at some myths people have about chemical peels!

Myth #1- Only people with problematic skin should get chemical face peel.

There is no denying that chemical peel does wonders for people with skin issues, but it’s not made just for them. Even if you are content with your skin, a chemical peel is still a good idea to save yourself from skin aging, early wrinkles, clogged pores, and dull skin.

How Does Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels are mostly performed in a doctor’s clinic, but certain skincare brands have also availed at-home chemical skin peel treatments.

To begin the process, the skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove excess oil and dirt. Hair and eyes are properly protected, so they don’t come in contact with the chemical peel. Typically, the chemicals include glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid or carbolic acid (phenol).

Chemicals have different properties which help them penetrate the skin seamlessly. The skin peels off on its own, revealing crystal clear skin. It is important to note that each chemical is different, your skin condition and goal will define which one your dermatologist finds best suited for you.

There are 3 types of chemical peels-

  • Light peel: Gives subtle results and is mostly done in different sessions. In a light chemical peel, the outermost layer is removed. This works well for wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and pigmentation.
  • Medium peel: Results in clean and glowy skin. In this type of peel, the outer layer and a bit of layer beneath that is removed. This is well suited for anti-aging, acne scarring, and wrinkles.
  • Deep peel: Deep chemical peel gives dramatic effects. The chemical seeps deep into the skin and removes unwanted skin. This is mostly used for people with heavy sun-damage, deep acne scars, etc.

Myth #2- People with dry skin should avoid chemical peels.

Why deprive people with dry skin of the glorious results of chemical peels? They are as effective on dry skin as they are on other skin types. By removing dead skin, it is easier for moisture to penetrate the skin, resulting in hydrated skin.

What to expect after getting a chemical peel

After the chemical peel session, it may take upto 7 days to fully recover. The reaction can be similar to sunburn, as the upper layer of the skin starts to peel off. The process is mostly smooth and effortless if you keep certain steps in mind. These include keeping away from sunlight till the skin has recovered completely.

But there is nothing to worry about! Varying skin types will witness different aftereffects, and your dermat will guide you on how to go about the recovery process in detail.

Myth #3- Breaking out after the chemical peel is abnormal.

Every action has a reaction to it, right? Similarly, breakouts are normal after the treatment as the skin is adjusting to a whole new dimension of skincare. The breakouts might look scary, but they are temporary, and the desired skin will appear in no time.

Doesn’t matter if you are looking to get chemical peel for acne scars, dry skin, early aging, or for healthy-looking skin. It is never a bad idea!

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