Benefits of taking NMN supplements

Thanks to modern medicine, the life expectancy of humans is better than ever.

In the next couple of decades, more people will cross the age of eighty than ever in the history of humanity. 

In Australia, life expectancy has increased significantly from the previous century as people born in the past decade can expect to live thirty years longer. 

The medical world’s focus was mainly on finding cures for disease, but now finding a way to prevent diseases and illnesses is the next big thing.

As the age expectancy increases worldwide, the importance of keeping healthy increases as well.

To boost your health and fitness, you can now take a number of supplements.

One such recent innovation in accessories is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), the only approved anti-aging supplement globally. 

When you buy from an Australian retailer, you can be sure that the supplements are of high quality since they are approved by one of the best drug authorities in the world, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Australia has a reputation globally when it comes to being stringent about the medicines produced and sold in the country.

Getting the TGA certification is more challenging than getting the US’s FDA certification.

The drugs have to clear as many as six hundred quality inspections to be certified. 

NMN supplements serve as a precursor to an important molecule inside the cells known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD+. 

While the NAD+ serves multiple functions, it is responsible for producing the energy for cells needed to repair damaged DNA. The more you age, the less NAD+ your body has. 

NMN supplementation aims to aid the production of NAD+ in the body to help people lead a longer and healthier life.

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Benefits of NMN supplements. 

Improves vascular health and blood flow

The muscles regularly consume molecules like glucose and fatty acids, essential to keeping the muscles strong and in good shape.

The body needs NMN to stimulate NMD+ as it is required to metabolize these molecules.

Furthermore, NMN can prevent the stiffening of blood vessels, improving blood flow. 

Improves strength and endurance of muscles

As the body ages, the health of muscles begins to decline. But, if NMN supplements are consumed for an extended period, they enable better energy metabolism, promoting muscle growth. 

NAD+ reduces the risk of heart diseases. 

The energy requirement of the heart is the highest when compared to any other vital organ. However, with the increase in age, maintaining a heart’s health becomes challenging. 

So, to keep the heart ticking, there must be ample NAD+ in the body, especially in older age.  Since NAD+ is used for fuel metabolism in the heart, cardiac cells need a steady flow of the precursor NMN. 

Reduces the risk of Obesity

There is no better solution to manage the risks of obesity other than following a healthy diet and regular exercise.

However, NMN is believed to mimic the effects of calorie restriction. Calorie restrictions are beneficial for the body’s overall health, but the strict diet regime is challenging to follow. 

So NMN can give the benefits of a strict diet without having to follow one. 

Helps to maintain DNA integrity

As the NMN stimulates the production of NAD+, it activates many groups of essential proteins in the body, such as sirtuins. Sirtuins are responsible for regulating cellular health and can only function in the presence of NAD+. 

Enhance the function of Mitochondria

In simple terms, life is impossible without mitochondria, as it is a cellular structure that is the powerhouse of the cells in the body. NAD+ is essential to mitochondria for converting food into molecules that can be absorbed by cells. 

The use of NMN supplements enhances the function of mitochondria by reducing the chances of any dysfunctions. 

Since NMN comes under dietary supplements, you do need a prescription to buy it from an Australian retailer to ensure you get high quality, reliable, and trustworthy products.